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  • Sierra mountains-Jake28
  • Coastal Desert-Jimmy26
  • Montana Jungle-Hayden28

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Helpful Sites

http://www.go2peru.com/<span style="color: rgb(62, 50, 50)"> <-- This is a very good site, it has airline ticket prices and activity's that are all about Peru.
http://www.libertador.com.pe/ This site is really helpful for find out the any kind of hotel in Peru and the coasts.


In the time that we have started on our Peru unit we have learned tons,
We have learned how to make a map of Peru,
all about the three regions, The way people in Peru live each day.
Hayden has reserched all our info for the Montana jungle, Jake has done all our research on
the Sierra mountains And Jimmy has done all or research for the Coastal Desert.
We would all like to make our Wiki more colorful and more eye catching. We are also
trying to finish our script before we start filming. After we film we would like to post our video on
our page.

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?
The fact that it was an online project. We are proud of the extra assignments that we have done.
Some highlights of this are the detail put into our logo and Wiki space.

2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?
We enjoyed using the laptops. And how you can put all your work online and people around the world can look at our page.
We learned the life styles of a person from Peru.

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?
Our main challenge was planning project. For the video. And putting all our info together.
Take more care and time into the

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?
I think that it would be easier if it was a hands on project instead of a computer. Even how fun the Wiki was.
Not everyone is computer handy. So i think that in future you should give them a choice. Or Have a little hands on Added
to the project.

5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?
last years Mesopotamians Simulation Game. Except that it was all hands on. And not computer related.
They were both fun.

6. Final comments?
The Wiki was a Very fun project, but not strictly for our group.
because we all have very different schedules
And with science interfering it made it very crammed.

Daily work log

April 1,2008

Today we will work on our script and finish as possible. Also the update the our site. We will add our logo soon...

April 2, 2008

Today we will work on the script and the put the logos , even the


Hayden, Jake & Jimmy- It's so Hot!!!
Jake- I'm so bored
Jimmy- Want to watch t.v?
Jake- Sure why not.
"Turns t.v on with remote"
Jimmy- Whats on?
Hayden- uh.... Commercial, "flip" Commercial, "flip" Commercial
Hayden- Theres Nooottttthhhhiiiiinnnngggggg On!
"Commercials Playing in background"
Jake, Hayden & Jimmy- OH YEAH
T.v.- Well If your bored then don't touch that dial. Well be right back with.. Trips gone wild.
More commercials!
Hayden- I wonder what trip there giving away today?
Jimmy- Probably...A
Jake- Probably a trip to space!!!!
T.v.- Were back with more Trips gone wild. I'm your host. Jared Cash.
Today on trips gone wild, we are giving away a trip to Peru
Jake- Awww Peru turn it.
T.v.- I no what your all thinking but before you switch the channel listen to what we have to offer.
Your trip will be divided up into a 2 week stay. Each day you will be doing a different activity.
These activities will range from Hiking the Inca trails to relaxing in your beautiful Hotel room.

Day 1

Show host; On the first day witch will be March 15th You'll leave From beautiful Vancouver At 8:45 Am to 4:24 Pm
the flight will cost 2137$. You will arrive in Peru at 4:25 Pm. Were you will have a rented car For 75.50$

but don't forget to bring extra change you pay for gas. From the airport you will drive to your Hotel were you will spend
your first night, You will be welcomed the wonderful staff that will present you with 24 hour room service. The first night you will
have the
dinner of your choice. Don't forget to check out the shops. There are many of little gifts from Peru that would make wonderful

Day 2

Better get a good sleep that night because you will be woken up by staff to catch your bus at 7:45
witch will cost 1.50$. That day all you will be doing is travailing around Lima visiting different shops and
sight see. The second day will be more relaxing. After that you will go back to the same hotel to spend the night.

Montana Jungle

Day 3

Day 3 you will wake up to catch a train to the Sierra mountains. Don't forget to pack warmly but also bring some sunscreen its always changing . You would have checked out of your hotel in Lima and checked into a new on in Cuzco. This day will be smiler to the first day in Lima. Your dinner will be a feast of fruit and vegetables and the main dish of guiniepig... YUM!

Day 4

Day four you will take a bike ride witch is 15$ to rent were you and your friends will go down to lake Titicaca's for a swim and where you'll spend the day. You will have a large varieties of fruits for a picnic dinner because tons of wonderful fruit is grown in

Day 5

will be full of activities. you will mountain bike for the first half of the day, and then
go rock climbing up the mountain for the second half. Remember , The weather in Peru is contently
changing so don't forget to bring some warm clothes. After that you will arrive back at your hotel around 6:30-7
for dinner that will already be prepared.

Day 6

In day 6 you are leaving the Sierra Mountain by bus and go to the Coastal Desert.
And you will find the hotel first because you have to sleep
in when it got dark.

Coastal Desert

Day 7

In day 7 you are going to wake up in the morning and eat the breakfast.
Then tour around the Coastal Desert.
And find what kind of sports they have.
even the famous place for the Coastal desert, that is like national museum.
Then eat the Lunch in the hotel cafe like sweet potato and important food like Gunipig
it is dinner time there will be a awesome food that is waiting for you

Day 8

In day 8 you will sleep in the hotel and leave the hotel and traveling the Coastal Desert

Day 9

Day 10

Sierra Mountain

Day 11

Day 11 you will arrive in the sierra mountains. You will stay in a beautiful hotel.
You will be treated to a wonderful dinner.
if that doesn't fill you up remember to call room survive.
to relax before bed you could get a masseuse or swim laps int he lap pool
or just chill out an watch a movie.

Day 12

on day 12 you will be able to rome around the mountains.
Dress warmly tho
First you and youur party will go on a bike ride. Later you will have the chance to
go rock climbing. You wont go back to the hotel for dinner.
instead you will have a picnic dinner.

Day 13

Day 13 will be the wrapping up day to your vacation. you
will visit the final shops around the mountains
sa bye to your new friends and just chill out and relax.
be sure to go to bed early your check out time is 8 o clock

Day 14

Day 14 is your leaving day. you will fly back to lima and hop on a plain there.
when you get to the airport you will be escorted by limo back to the lucktury of ur own homes.

T.v. So what do u say, are you going to take a trip to peru.
Jake- o YEAH
Hayden- Sure lets book our trip.

Hayden picks up the phone.

bleep bleep bleep.

Hayden:Hello trips gone wild are we caller number 1983

all: crowd around phone. Yes u are...

All: yell yes.....!!!