Research Based Slide Show about Peru and it's 3 Regions

- All 3 Regions
- Environment (climate, animals, rivers, mountains)
- culture - languages, food, laws, rules, holidays
- transportation and technology (how they get around in the different regions, unique ways they do things)
- government (how they elect leaders, and how it is both similar and different from Canada)

- needs to be organized, use colour, have pictures, and description
- must have minimum 4 slides per Region and a title slide
- must have all your sources on the last slide - copy websites used on final slide


In english Caballero means gentlemen. Which is what we are!!

We will be producing a slide show for the three regions of in Peru and shalso complete full facts about Peru to.
You will stay there for 12 days 4 in the coastal desert 4 in the Montanan jungle and
to wrap you will stay 4 days in the sierra mountains. We will also inculde a free meal for a hole
day in each region! And include adventure, once in a life time exprience, and amaze with places in Peru.

Daily Work Log

Today Nadim was working very hard to finish the script . Nadim has written the introduction, begging
and still to come the Middle, End, Conclusion. By tommorow the script will be fablous.

Mar 31/08
Nadim was creating a slide show for the infomercial that was a great success in its firstday running.
What a suprise Blake was away AGAIN. Which is crazy in my opion.

Mar 28/08
On this day Nadim handed in his transportation sheet for the trip planner. Blake was sick like usual and did not do any work. But Nadim was fixing up the website for it to be nice to read, look about.

Mar 27/08
Today Nadim was finding info for the last time. Blake was creating a website and finding some stuff to poast on the website for us.

Mar 26/08
Today Blake was watching videos on the laptop! And Nadim was researching on the flighting paper.
Which is good to working like Nadim was which was very hard.

March 13, 2008
Today our group was working on our Peru trip planner because we didn't do so well on it
so we decided to do it over again. in the class today w had 10 mins to add stuff to the criteria
and to get bonus air miles.

March 12, 2008
Today our group worked on our Peru travel agency trip planner. We worked very hard on doing it because none of us were that far into the worksheet that is really a set back.

Today was pretty wierd Blake was sick two people were looking at cars. Yes cars i know its crazy.
Nadim was focused on his work because he wanted to get good grades. So that was our day today.

March 10, 2008
Today our all of our group members were working on our assigned work.
But one person was having difficulties logging in to his account. The others were finding some facts about Peru.
And in all it was a pretty good first for our Wiki page.

In this section we will have a complete set of websites cooming soon to provide you about Peru.

Slide show:


The introduction will contain information about were you will go, what you will eat,where you will stay
, what you will be doing in your 12 day trip. And to wrap it up there will be a picture of airplane.
Begging :
In this section we will talk about what you will be doing in each region, and possible extra activities.
What you could when by finding peruivan flags that say 4C on the bottom of it. We will put extra detail towards
where you will stay and , laws, and food. And what you will see as towards cool places in Peru.

This section wil completly educate you abou your trip to peru for 12 days.
For we will teach you about how they travel in Peru but in a advertisment way. And also give hints about what you
could when by for example: by finding a Logo of our agency. And that will complete the 2nd last section,

2 middle:
This wil is the second last section and it will be about the three regions in Peru.
And all the extra information we have left an dalso possible new information as well.

End :
This wil coclued your stay in Peru and, also talk about a feature return to Peru with a specail bonuses
for your next trip to Peru.