Peru Travel Agencies

Welcome to our class Wiki based on Peru and the grade 6/7 Social Studies curriculum. This Wiki represents a simulation game based on students creating Travel Agencies focused on planning trips to Peru. Students also created a Wiki page for their Agencies (as seen in the Navigation Bar to the left); and then planned, wrote, and filmed an infomercial based on a 14-day vacation. Our vacations had to incorporate higher level thinking skills and we were able to incorporate various forms of technology into our presentations.

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Kiva Micro Financing: Making a difference by making loans
Slide Show Creator for your Wiki pages
Effective Strategies for a Variety of Classroom Use
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Bloom's Taxonomy: Higher Order Thinking
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Daily Agenda for Students

April 15, 2008

Today you will provide a unit evaluation on your wiki page. Please take the time to answer each question below in detail and provide a quick link in your Table of Contents to the Unit Evaluation. When you are answering the questions, please copy and paste each question into your page and then provide an answer underneath each one. This is your last day to complete your wiki and take care of last minute details for your presentations tomorrow. If you are needing any audio/visual equipment for your presentation, please see Mr. Hayes to make sure it is in class when you need it.

Project Evaluation

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?

2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?

5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?

6. Final comments?

Thank you for participating with such energy and enthusiasm during this unit based on Peru and it's culture, climate, and geography.

April 14, 2008
Projects are due in two days!

Have you covered everything?
What else can you do?
How else can I help you?
Tomorrow: 40 min. of Socials for each class before lunch.
You will have specific work to do during that time - you will NOT have time to work on your project during class.\

Good progress has been made on a number of pages over the past week, but some of you still have a lot of work to do!
Editing your work

• Does your page have some sort of introduction to your topic?
• Do you have a good explanation of what you did for your script, and why you did it?
• Do you have at least one paragraph that describes what you learned, and what questions you still have?
• Have you made sure that you have demonstrated higher level thinking?

Have you had someone else (such as a parent) PROOF READ your work? If not, who are you going to ask before Wednesday?

Look at some of the other projects to see what other students have done so far.

April 9, 2008

Today is your ONE WEEK WARNING!!! Your Infomercial is DUE next Wednesday April 16th. You will either be presenting live or presenting as a video format. Today you will receive a letter to take home if you plan on uploading your video to your wiki. Make sure you return the letter by Friday if you plan on posting your video. If you post the video without having parent permission, you will notice that I will delete it from the wiki.

Today you will work on the following:
  • practice your script in preparation for the infomercial
  • organize your group so you know when you are getting together to work on your Infomercial
  • develop your wiki so it is presentable to your intended audience


April 8, 2008

Who is the Audience for your wiki?? This is a very important question to consider. Normally we would think about this before we start working on a wiki page; however, since this was our first time developing a wiki, we wanted to get started first. How you format your wiki page will determine how well it is understood, how easy it is to follow it, and the ease of navigation. When I mark the wikis I will be looking to see that you have developed a wiki that includes:
  • links
  • titles & subtitles
  • clear table of contents
  • colour that is easy to read
  • pictures that are described
  • is free of spelling and grammar errors

Write a Reflection. Each Agency needs to write a reflection that follows the following instructions:
  • full paragraph
  • describes all members from the Agency
  • what have you learned so far (each person's thoughts)
  • what do you still want to do with your wiki

Agencies that do a thorough job of this will receive Bonus Airmiles.

April 7, 2008

Your Infomercial is due Wednesday the 16th of April. If you are presenting your Infomercial live you need to have it ready to present on that day.

- copy and paste your script into a Word Document and print it out for all of your members to practice.
- update your Task Chart with your Script Airmiles.
- plan your work for the Infomercial with your group; clearly state what you will do for the next 9 days.
- work on your Wiki - it is due the same day as the Infomercial

Internet Safety - NO FULL NAMES!!!! You must go through your entire Wiki page to make sure there are no full names on it

April 3, 2008

Happy Random Act of Kindness Day!! Today it is truly 'random'! Instead of spending time in Social Studies today, we will be performing an act of kindness. My act of kindness for all of you is to extend the due date for your wiki script by one more day!! Yes, you now have until Friday. There is no more class time; however, I will not be marking your script until Friday evening after 6 pm. Any changes that occur after that time will not go towards your mark on your script.

You have done excellent work to this point - I am noticing a lot of creativity in your scripts. Keep it up!!

April 2, 2008

Wow! It appears that we have had a visitor to our wiki site from Peru. That 'dot on the map' is worth 5 Airmiles to the Agency that can show Mr. Hayes proof of a connection with a person in Peru.

Today is a script writing day - please use the class wisely to work on your Infomercial Script. Please take a moment to look at the way Incaru Travel has formatted their script. I recommend that other Agencies follow their lead. And Flamingo Travel has created a link on their page to another wiki page that contains their script - also a good idea.

You will have all of today and tomorrow's class to complete your script and then it will be marked. If any Agencies are planning on completing Bonus Tasks, you will want to complete them before next Wednesday April 9. That is the final day to submit any Bonus work for extra Airmiles.

April 1, 2008

Work will continue on your scripts. I have yet to see an example of someone from Peru looking at our wiki page.

Each agency must complete their script by the end of Thursday. Those agencies that do not successfully complete it by the deadline, will have their membership on the wiki suspended until it is done. In order to begin filming, each group needs to have a script that meets all of the criteria. Remember, this is a project based on the culture, geography, and environment of Peru!!

March 31, 2008

Happy Monday! It is time to work effectively as a group toward finishing your script. Get focused! The Script is a very important part of the Infomercial and although it will be marked later this week, you may add to it later as you work on creating your Infomercial.

3 MINUTES with Mr. Hayes Today - ALL Agencies must meet with Mr. Hayes to discuss:
- what you have done?
- what is left to do?
- who will do it?

March 27, 2008

Spend today's class working on your script. Remember to check over the criteria as you work and be sure to have your partners look over your work as you edit your page. Keep in mind that there is no Socials block tomorrow and you only have two socials blocks next week before the script is due - you may want to plan a time to be online together so you can work on the script and communicate with each other.

I am very impressed with the many additions to various Travel Agency Wikis! I will be marking the Wiki itself at the end of the project and I recommend that students check out some well-organized and creative Wiki pages: Incaru Travel, Flamingo Travel and Peruvian Pleasures.

If you wish to gain Bonus Airmiles today you can do so by being extremely productive with your script. I will be checking each Agency's script over the block and will give out Airmiles based on work completion.

March 26, 2008

Welcome Back! I am impressed by the incredible amount of edits that took place by a few people over the Break. Take a look at the video player and watch a few of the Travel Infomercials that I have posted as examples to follow. Your script is due in a week! Next Wednesday April 2. The script needs to be written on the wiki and well organized. It MUST follow the criteria (please review it).

Take a moment to look at the different places in the world that people have accessed our wiki - interesting!

Use today to get your Agency organized and plan how you will complete the script on time. You may even want to complete an Optional Task?!?

Bonus Airmiles to the Agencies that set up and ORGANIZE another Agency's Script on their wiki page for them. NOT WRITE IT - simply organize where it will be written and how it begins and should look.

March 14, 2008

Wow! Final day before the break - I am sure everyone is excited about that!

Today I would like everyone to take a few moments to see what others are working on. Please go to at least 3 other Travel Agency pages and read what some of your peers are doing. I would like you to then go to their discussion page and write them a note... of the minimum 3 pages you visit, please contribute 2 discussion comments.

A few notes about Discussion Comments:
- Be positive, constructive and respectful.
- Offer suggestions, ideas, or even links.
- You can't edit after you post so REREAD your comment before you post!
- Either add your comment to an appropriate discussion or create a new discussion with an appropriate title.

After this, roll your sleeves up and get to work! I will be announcing the deadline for this project when we return from the March Break. There is no "assigned" homework over the break, however, it would be wise if you work on your Wiki and maybe even take on a Bonus Task over the break.

Some groups are going to have to pick up the pace and get a lot done.
Remember to complete your Daily Work Log (written as a paragraph), develop a plan for your Infomercial Script, and tidy up your Wiki.
Every group has things that need to be accomplished!

March 13, 2008

Today your Agency will have an opportunity to develop Criteria in a new way! Normally, we develop criteria on the board or on chart paper, today you will go to the Task Criteria Page and add details that you think should be required for the various assignments. When you add, please place your specific ideas in the proper spot and then we can change it as needed. We will take 10 min. to complete this process and then the final criteria will be determined. You must do this first and spend 10 min. doing it.

Look over your Trip Planners and take today to fill in any gaps where you may need more information. As you all can see, I have very high expectations for your research. Remember, if your research isn't detailed, your infomercial will not meet criteria.

Bonus Airmiles will be awarded to any Agency that sends members to another Agency to actually improve something on their Wiki or provides them with good ideas for their Trip Planners. Remember any changes you make to someone else's site need to be done on your computer so I can see them in the History.

March 12, 2008

I hope you enjoyed the Play - very entertaining! Trip Planners and Transportation Data Sheet due today!! Go over your research as an Agency and make sure all names are on it, that the work is done, and that they are stapled together before handing in.

After you hand in your Planners, you need to discuss with your group members how you want your Infomercial to look (check the criteria on the Task Criteria page). Begin writing your script and place it directly on your Wiki. This will allow everyone to contribute to it and I will be able to see who is doing the work. REMEMBER: while I know you will make your script creative, you MUST include details from your research! Be sure to separate your script and place lines between it and the other parts of your Wiki page.

For Bonus Airmiles ...

Today: 1 minute with Mr. Hayes (All Agencies!)
1. How are things going?
2. Show me, or describe to me, one highlight so far.
3. What questions do you have?
4. What do you need? How can I help you?

March 11, 2008

Continue to work on your Trip Planners and the Transportation Data Sheet (due tomorrow). Each Agency can receive a maximum of 10 Bonus Airmiles by adding useful websites to the Peru Websites Link. Only those that have descriptions will receive Airmiles. Check out the logos added by Incaru, Flamingo Travel, and Peruvian Pleasures - they look fantastic!

Putting a Table of Contents on your page.
1. You need to 'Use Text Editor'
2. At the top of the screen put the word 'toc' inside double brackets as seen below. Then Save the page.

3. Now any time you highlight text and change the 'Normal' to one of the 'Heading's, that line will go into the Table of Contents.

Then any of your Headings on the page will show up in a Table of Contents.

You need to remember to leave 5 min. at the end of the class to write a Daily Work Log describing what your Travel Agency accomplished today.

March 10th, 2008

You will be working on your Trip Planners based on each region and the Transportation Data Sheets (due Wednesday). Remember to add any helpful sites to the Peru Websites Page and place them in the proper category. Make sure all of the members of your Travel Agency are logged on to the Wiki.

Make sure your research for your Two Week Trip is completed before starting your script. Your Travel Agency Page needs to be updated with your LOGO, Name, and Slogan. And, be sure to leave 5 min. at the end of the class to write a work log describing what you did today.

The first Travel Agency representative to stand up walk to the white board and write their Name and slogan on the board without talking will receive 2 Airmiles.

March 7th, 2008

Spend time working on Trip Planners and Transportation Data Sheets. As you find good and helpful sites, please copy the URL for the site onto the Peru Travel Websites Wiki Page. This will be helpful for everyone and for each site listed, the listing Travel Agency will receive Bonus Airmiles! The first Agency to post a site to the Wiki page will receive 10 bonus airmiles.

Once you log onto this site, you must make the following additions to your Travel Agency Page:

  • scan and add your Agency Logo (include all the members of the Travel Agency)
  • begin writing your Infomercial script
  • write a log describing the work you do and include the date (don't forget to put a line in between each entry)

For Parents

Why do a Socials Studies Simulation?
The goals of creating a learning environment such as this:

Extend students' responsibility for their own learning.
  • -Allow students to determine what they need to learn.
  • -Enable students to manage their own learning activities.
  • -Enable students to contribute to each other's learning.
  • -Create a non-threatening setting for learning.
  • -Help students develop metacognitive awareness.

Make learning meaningful.
  • -Make maximum use of existing knowledge.
  • -Anchor instruction in realistic settings.
  • -Provide multiple ways to learn content.
    Promote active knowledge construction.
  • -Use activities to promote higher level thinking.
  • -Encourage the review of multiple perspectives.
  • -Encourage creative and flexible problem solving.
  • -Provide a mechanism for students to present their learning.

Internet Safety**

Students are in our two Middle School Classes have been instructed to:
  1. Keep their personal information off the Wiki (full name, name of school, email address, even the city we live in)
  2. Send email messages with the assistance of their teacher
  3. Consider their audience (the world) before they post anything on their Wiki

As educators, we believe that this medium offers numerous educational opportunities and that it needs to be respected and students need to take caution with their actions.

Parents are encouraged to visit the Wiki and ask their child more about what they are doing and how they decide what to post on it.

Source: Bonnie Skaalid. Application of Constructivist Principles to the Practice of Instruction Technology. [Online] Available, March 29th, 2007

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to contribute in some way to this wiki.