Peruvian Pleasures

If you asked it, we answered it!

How far in advanced should i book?

Since we only put this tour on 2-3 times a year you should book around 5 months advanced to ensure your spot.

Are some activities optional?

Yes, but that will not effect your price, and you will need to spend your own money to occupie yourself that day.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your trip anytime, but in order to get your money back you must cancel 30 days prior to trip.

Do i get a day to do whatever i want?

You will get one day in each region to do whatever you want

Are we aloud pets?

No you wont be aloud pets on this vacation

Is there a difference in price depending on ages?

No there is no difference in pricing for different ages

How many bags can i bring?

4 suitcases, and 1 carry-on

Are there hidden taxes?

Absoloutely not

Is April 1st - 14th the only days the tour runs?

Currently yes, check our website for added dates though

What is the youngest age aloud on tour?

3 years

Do i get a list of hotel/activities prior to leaving?

Yes, that will come in the mail along with your bill

Can i leave the tour early?

Yes, but you will need to buy your airline ticket home, and you will not get a refund for the missed activities.

How much money should i bring?

That depends on how much you spend. But on average people spend about $350 Canadian, that it $1001

What is the currency exchange rate?

Canadian $1 = Peruvian $2.358

Can i extend my stay?

Of course, but you will need to find your own hotel and flight home

Will i need sunscreen?

It wont be as hot as it would be if you went in December, but it will still be very hot, so yes

Will i need to buy my own meals?

No, you will be given $15 Canadian, that is $43 Peruvian for meals everyday