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Peru lies on the Pacific coast of South America just south of the Equator. To the Quechua Indians Peru means "land of abundance." Sites such as Machu Picchu and Cusco recall the wealth of the Inca civilization, destroyed in the early 16th century by Spaniards, who built an empire on Peru's gold and silver. Today Peru ranks among the world's top producers of silver, copper, lead, and zinc. Its petroleum industry is one of the world's oldest, and its fisheries are among the world's richest.

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We are about 80% finished our whole infomercial!

Project Evaluation:

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?

We all love our logo, because of its beautiful colours, and we are proud of it. Our wiki is neat, organized, and understandable.

2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?

We enjoyed it being a simulation, and it felt like we were actually the owners of a Travel Agency. We all learned so much about Peru and it's 3 regions, and because the simulation game was fun, it made learning fun.

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?

It was challenging to get everyone together the same times and dates, and when everyone has different schedules we would only have an hour on one day! Next time I would hope the teacher would give us more time, and we would start filming sooner.

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?

Give us less time to do the smaller tasks like the logo. Writing the script and filming it takes a lot of time and effort. So maybe start the unit sooner.

5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?

It was probably one of the most fun ones, along with the empire one that we did last year. I love getting involved in projects to make it feel like you are actually doing it.

6. Final comments?

We all had a great time, and it was an amazing experience! Thank you so much!


We have all really enjoyed this unique experience, and glad that we chose each other for groups. We worked well so far, and had no problems. New friendships have begun with each other and we never expected that. We al love how Mr. Hayes makes learning fun, and will never forget this. Here are some of the group members thoughts:

Marissa: This experience was really fun, and I love simulation games, so this was fantastic! The use of the wiki's was new for all of us, I'm sure. We thought that they are really cool, and I am glad we used them. If I need to, I can use wiki's for other things in life, or suggest them to future teachers! Using a wiki was confusing at first, but I got the hand out it, and now it's easy! Thanks Mr. Hayes for this cool way of learning!

Miriam: I learned that we have to work as a team, to get through everything, and there is no 'I" in team. You can't just have one group leader, we are all the leaders here. The wiki's were really fun, and easier then paper! I learned a lot about Peru, and with all this information about Peru, I can easily go to Peru without question. Thank you for this cool experience with the wiki, and I might even make my own wiki site about me, and learning!

Ismael: I learned a lot about the Sierra mountains region, and it's cool activities. I love how Mr. Hayes can make teaching fun on the internet. I think that Peru is a very interesting country, and would never of think of traveling there because it's such a random country, but now I see the amazing things that it holds.

Thank you!

Daily Work Log

April 3:
All worked on our script!

April 2 08
Miriam: She is working on our script and adding more to the Montana Jungle section.
Marissa:She is researching and she will start editing on our script.
Ismael: He is editing on our Flamingo Travel home page and doing our daily work log.

March. 31. 08
Miriam and Ismael both worked on the script. Ismael worked on his info part for the script on his part(Sierra Mountains).
Marissa was away so she couldn't do anything.

March 27.08
Today we all (Marissa, Miriam, Izzy) worked on script ideas, and got pretty far. We are quite confidant we will have finished the script by the due date. Izzy looked up some pictures for our video, and Miriam looked up some videos to help us with more ideas. We also looked up some Travel Agencies to contact, to get some bonus airmiles.

March 26.08
Today Marissa was editing and working on our script for our video. She also edited our site.
Miriam looked up facts for our script and also worked on our script. She also looked up Peru's history.
Ismael was working on editing the website and looking up Peru's culture.

Ismael Searched up Cultures and Traditions and sent it to himself
March 13.08
Today we all added criteria for the first 15 minutes of class. After that we collected our airmiles, and Ismael and Miriam researched more for our pages. Marissa helped the groups Peruvian Pleasures, 4 Cabbelero's and Peruvia. Peruvia just had a simple question on how to change your profile picture (which can't be shown in the history). Miriam and Marissa worked on our official website, and Ismael got more facts and info!

Miriam and Ismael researched information to add to our official website. (You can find the link on this page). Marissa was busy customizing and adding the information to the website!

March 11, 2008
Today... Miriam worked on foods, Laws, Transportation, climate, and yesterday after school worked on
the whole sheet! Marissa worked on, touched up on her trip planner and did transportation. Izzy...worked on Transportation, and pictures for our slide show!!! <<< Good job TEAM!!!

March 10, 2008
Today we all worked on our trip planners. We researched food, hotels(prices), activities, Tours of Inca Trails and Amazon River, and only discussed ways of transportation. Flamingo Travel only has 3 members so it is more challenging because the tasks are set up for 4 members. We have planned to finish most of our trip planners by tomorrow, and work on our transportation sheet tomorrow in class.

To do:

- Edit/ Add special effects
To ask any further questions and details call another member. (You know the phone numbers!)

To have discussions all group members start one on OUR discussion page!

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