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By: Gavin, Rojin, Madison, Meghan
We bring the Peruvian culture to your door step!
¡Nosotros traer la Peruano cultura á tu puerta escalon!

General information

These are some information about this site and some information about Peru.
Peru is a country in South America. It is the third biggest country in South America. Peru is bordered by five countries which are: Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. This country has a very rich culture; so that is why we picked the Peru between other countries. Peru's population is about 27 million people. People in this country speak Spanish, Quechua, and sometimes Aymara. Peru's land is devided to three different regions; 1. Coastal desert, 2. Sierra mountains, and 3. Montana jungle. There are lots of activities that we can do and lots of intresting things that we can see all in this amzing country. there are many things in Peru three regions such as beaches, mountains, jungles, deserts, lakes, rivers, different types of animals, plants, and lots of other things. There are lots of activities in Peru like: rafting, hiking, riding, surfing, fishing, and lot more. So that is why Peru is a amazing country. In this site we tries to put some information and helpful sites about Peru that it might be helpful for you!

Helpful Peru websites

These sites can help you to find infromation about peru that you need them.

Daily work log

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
Today was all of the group's last chance to do what ever they needed for their infomercial. Tomorrow all of the groups are going to present their infomercial at social block. We are going to present our infomercial live; because we had some problems with making a video also we didn't had enough time. So we are going to try our best for bringing pictures, making slide shows, and memorizing our script; well that might be hard specially when we want to do it only in one day, but we hopefully will be done by tomorrow. By: Rojin

Monday, April 14th, 2008
Today our group changed their idea for make a video; now we decided to present our infomercial live at class. So now we have lots of work to do. We have to find and print pictures of Peru and put them on huge cardboards, Remember our lines, Make a new slide show, and lots of other stuff. If we had more time we could do our infomercial better, but we don't have lots of time; so we need to work faster. We hope to do this infomercial at the time. By: Rojin

Thursday, April 10th, 2008
Today first we shared that what do we want to do on our wiki spaces. Our group after having a couple of problem for the time of our filming and other things, finally decided to film. And we decided that when and where we are going to meet each other and film our video. And hopefully we will start filming from tomorrow after school. All of us want to done our infomercial film on time which is Wednesday. By: Rojin

Monday, April 7th, 2008
Today first we listened to Mr. Hayes to learn that how we should make a video. We also tried to pick nicknames for our video. Tomorrow we will try to start making our volcano. Our group write down that what days we are going to meet each other and we can make our film. By: Rojin

Saturday, April 5th, 2008
Today we did not had lots of things to do; I like before updated our web page and added some stuff on it. And we are all waiting for Monday to start our infomercial of our script. Monday we will add to the infomercial ideas and start to plan our video. By: Rojin

Friday, April 4th, 2008
Today also we didn't had Social class; but I tried to update our page. And all of us tried to make our script even better for our last chance before 6 P.M. And we think that we did a great job, and hopefully all of us are happy with our script. Our group is also thinking about making a jingle for our company and maybe we'll do it few days later. By: Rojin

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Today we did not had social class to work on our Wiki; but we still did somethings at home. Meghan was sick for few days so she had a look at our page and tried to edit our page. Gavin, Madison, and I updated our page and add a little bit of information to our webpage. Also Gavin madded our business card for our travel agency. We are already done our script and few days later we will start to work on our infomercial video. By: Rojin

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
Today we worked on editing our script and updating are page and Rojin added up our total for the cost of the whole trip. Gavin helped adding up the total cost for the trip. we are also going to edit are script at home. Tomorrow we will to edit our script for the last time and put the final touches on it. Tomorrow in class we are going to work harder than today and also we'll start our infomercial. By: Madison

Monday, March 31th, 2008
Today we were working on updating our website and also mostly working on our script and thinking of ideas for it. Our group are also completing our script. We are almost done our script except part of Montana jungle. So today we did a lot of work in class. We are trying to complete are script as soon as possible. Our group is also trying to work on our script at home. And till now we are doing great and we hope could be done by tomorrow. By: Madison

Thursday, March 27th, 2008
Today we did lots of work in class. We should complete and edit our script for the video. And I think that we tried our best to work on it; but we still we are not done yet. Our group is going to work on the script at home, too. Also we are editing our web page also our official website every day. All of our group members hopes that we could done the script very soon. By: Rojin

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
Today was first day after March break that our group worked with each others at class. So first we looked at our web page and tried to edit it and make sure that everything is right. We also watched few helpful videos that helped us to find some ideas for our group script. Our group already started the script for our video like other groups (mostly); but it is not done yet so we should work on that a lot. We added a lot to our web page during the March break and we our happy with it either one of our group members is in vacation. By: Rojin

Tuesday, March 25st, 2008
Working on the official website, a business card, and editing our webpage.
Gavin: None
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Monday, March 24st, 2008
Rojin: Working on our official website and updating our webpage.
Gavin: None
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Sunday, March 23st, 2008
Working on official website for our travel agency and editing our webpage.
Gavin: None
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Saturday, March 22st, 2008
Creating a official website for our agency. And updating our webpage.
Gavin: None
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Friday, March 21st, 2008
Edited our web page and searched things for our video.
Gavin: Started Infomercial script and did todays daily work log.
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Thursday, March 20th, 2008
Updating our web page for yesterday and today.
Gavin: Editing the page.
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
Searching stuff about Peru.
Gavin: Editing our web page.
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
Today I am editing our web page.
Gavin: Editing our web page.
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Monday, March 17th, 2008
Editing our web page.
Gavin: Corrected some spelling mistakes and changed some stuff on our webpage.
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Sunday, March 16th. 2008
I am working on our script and editing our webpage.
Gavin: None
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Saturday, March 15th, 2008
Rojin: Today I worked on our script to find a good beginning and end. I edit and add some things in our web page; also I saw the discussion and it helped a lot.
Gavin: None
Meghan: None
Madison: None

Friday, March 14th, 2008
Today we started our script for our infomercial and fixed our logo so that the headline is under the logo which Meghan and Rojin are doing at least I think Meghan is. Rojin is also posting some stuff on other agencies discussion boards which me and Meghan already did. We are still struggling to stay on complete track well at least 2/4 of us are. That basically sums up what we did today. We also resived some air miles. And we want to work on our script more in and after March break. By: Gavin

Thursday, March 13th, 2008
Today during block 4 for the first 10 minutes our agency, and the other agencies were competing to get bonus air miles by editing the bonus task criteria and we received 1 bonus air mile. Rojin recorded our mark on our recording sheet from the trip planners which we did not score a very high mark. We also discussed our characters, names, and personalities. We are starting our script today and that sums up what we did today.also our group has some ideas for our video. By: Gavin

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008
Today during block 1 since we don't have socials in block 4 we have been working on finishing our trip planners and talking about our roles and characters for our infomercial. I'm just finishing up my transportation sheet and Meghan is struggling to finish her Montana Jungle trip planner while Madison is brainstorming some ideas for our infomercial and Rojin is surfing the internet since she has finished her trip planner and has 2 back to back pages of information. We also got our logo back up on the site because somebody deleted it (by accident). Later we will add more to our site and start our script. And now we are done our trip planner. We are thinking about the script and tomorrow we will be doing it at block 4. By: Gavin

Tuesday, March 11th. 2008
Today our group worked on finding information for our trip planners and discussed how long we spend in each region at what hotels and cities. We also discussed the date that trip starts and date when it ends. Our group figured out the transportation for each region and we filled out more of our trip planner. tomorrow we will hand in our trip planners and will start on our script for the infomercial. Also tomorrow our group will figure our roles and characters for the script. We have lot of work to do. By: Rojin

Monday, March, 10th. 2008
Today during block 4 our group took our logo off the wall, we also researched our regions as well as the
the transportation. We figured out that we should plan our trip in February because we figure that since there isn't anything going on so it would probably be the cheapest time to travel. Our group still haven't picked an exact date to travel in February yet but we will most likely tomorrow. Another thing that me and Meghan did while Madison and Rojin were researching was that we checked out the Wiki more as well as we were chatting a bit with the other class on that my mouse. But we are all sure we will be even more productive tomorrow. By: Gavin

Things to do

Saturday, April 18th. 2008
1) Add good sites in Peru helpful websites. (to try and help other groups with their projects)
2) Try to write the daily work log everyday at home and school.
3) If you have free time you could update and edit our web page.

Incaru Script ideas

Please write your ideas for our script. (Don't forget to write your name!)
  • I think we should film gates park forest for the Montana jungle.Madison
  • We should film the river near gates park like it is the Amazon River. Madison
  • We should also film a train for transportation. Madison
  • We should also go somewhere high and view down on a town or something for the sierra mountains. Gavin
  • We should use windows movie maker to edit and create our infomercial. Gavin
  • We should use my mom's car as well for transportation references. Gavin

Infomercial Script

please edit and add your ideas to our infomercial script. (you can also delete)


Gavin: Transportation expert
Sierra mountains expert
Madison: Coastal desert expert
Montana jungle expert

Part Number 1:

Flash picture that shows our logo and also Peru's flag.
Have you ever wanted to travel to a amazing country, well nows your chance...
Madison: With Incaru travel...we bring the Peruvian culture right to your doorstep.
Rojin: but where?
Madison: to Peru, one of the most wonderful countries in South America!!!
Meghan: Just call 1-800-4-Incaru to book your vacation today.
All: Hi, were your trip planners from Incaru travel Agency.
Gavin: Hi, I'm Gavin and I'm your Transportation Expert.
Meghan: Hi, I'm Meghan and I'm your Montana jungle expert.
Madison: Hi, I'm Madison and I'm your Coastal desert expert.
Rojin: Hi, I'm Rojin and I'm your Sierra mountains expert.
Gavin: We provide the best facts and service to make your trip prepared and has lots of fun.
Rojin: Peru is a very nice country with a very rich culture in the western South America.
Gavin: It is divided into three different regions.
Madison: Coastal desert is about 10.6% of Peru...
Rojin: Sierra mountains (about 30.5% of Peru)...
Meghan: And Montana jungle (about 58.8% of Peru).
Rojin: This country is the third largest country in south America and has about 27 million people in it.
Meghan: Spanish and Quechua are the official languages in Peru; but some people also speak Aymara.
Rojin: So that would be so good if you know how to speak Spanish or Quechua!
Gavin: There are lots of things that you can do; And there are lots of places that we can go, all in Peru!
Madison: Each year there are lots of tourists that go to Peru; so why don't you go there?!!!
Rojin: Peru is country near to equator; so it is mostly warm and there isn't lots of rain. In here days are mostly hot but nights are dry and cold.
Meghan: In this country people doesn't have different seasons, but day have dry and wet seasons.
Madison: The average temperature in Peru is about 18 °C to 19 °C (60–65 °F).
Gavin: In the Peru people were lots of interesting and colorful clothes.
Rojin: So maybe you may want to buy one of them for your self!
Meghan: The pentatonic scale used by the ancient peoples still survives, and pre-Columbian instruments such as the reed Quena or flute, the antara or panpipes, conch shells, the ocarina, and various primitive percussion devices are widely used today.
Gavin: Also the violin, the harp, the guitar, and the Charango, a Mandolinlike instrument, are very popular.
Rojin: The most popular folksongs and dances are the Yariví, a love song; the Huayno, a rapid dance of the highlands; the Cashua, a circle dance; and the Marinera or Zamacueca.
Madison: These are some Peruvian foods and drinks that you will try them during vacation for sure: Cuisine, Chifa, roast Cuy, guinea pig, Inka coca and more!!!!

Part Number 2:

Flash of Coastal desert's picture.
Now here is are plan for having a wonderful trip to the Peru!!!
Gavin: First we will leave Vancouver's airport at February 1st to the "Lima" the capital of Peru, with choices of four airlines...
Rojin: 1. Air Canada 6:30 P.M., 2. Continental 7:45 a.M., 3. Delta 4:59 P.M., and 4. United 1:16 P.M., and all of them has very low prices!!!
Meghan: And just one day after on February second you'll be at Lima's airport.
Madison: This region runs from Chile to Ecuador, and it is bordered by Pacific ocean in west.
Rojin: In this time Coastal desert is warm specially at the day because it is close to equator.
Gavin: Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru and it is in the Coastal desert region; that lots of people (about 7 million) live in there!!!
Rojin: At day one you will stay at Lima in your wonderful hotel Sol de Oro hotel with cheap price (only $154,00) and also...
Madison: there are lots of plants in this region; the dry, sandy reaches of the coastal plain support mainly desert vegetation, such as shrubs, grasses, tuberous plants.
Rojin: Also there are lots of interesting animals in here like lizards, insects, tarantulas, and scorpions!!!
Meghan: You will have lots of activities such as going to libraries, museums, Lima's restored colonial, markets, and lots of other things.
Gavin: For example th Allen Coanty museum or...
Madison: La Casa de pilatos the oldest building in Lima, or...
Gavin: In the markets you could buy lots of things for yourself or even for your family like: rugs, Peruvian clothes, peruvian foods and much more.
Rojin: Also we will go to Cathedral of Lima, Plaza Mayor de Lima!
Meghan: You definitely going to see beautiful Peruvian dance and music in this city.
Madison: For moving between the places in there we will use of taxi and bus and also with lima metro.
Rojin: And these are just part of Coastal desert's activities.
Madison: Coastal desert is the economic heart of Peru.
Meghan: But it is the smaller region than other two regions.
Madison: Se are going to stay three days more in coastal desert and you'll have lots of fun.
Gavin: Trujillo and Ica are other important cities of this region, that your going to stay in them.
Rojin: And like Lima, there are lots of things to do in these cities, too!!!
Madison: Also we picked nice hotels for this cities in coastal region with very low prices. So there is no worry about the prices.
Meghan: For Trujillo: El Golf de Trujillo just $83,00 and Ica: hotel Las Dunas only $100.00!
Gavin: And this two cities we are going to places like: Maria Reiche Reginal Museum in Ica, National University in Trujillo, and others...
Madison: The Chanchan in Trujillo is a very famous place in Peru that you will see it during the vacation.
Rojin: One of the most popular food dishes in the Peru is cuisine; you should try it in the Peruvian restuaraunt that we'll go in it!!!
Meghan: In Trujillo we'll go to the beach and you could do lots of things such as rafting, swimming, and... in there!!!

Part Number 3:

Flash picture of Sierra mountains.
After having lots of fun in the coastal desert we'll go to the Sierra mountains!!!
Meghan: It only takes about half of a day to go to Cuzco one of important cities in Sierra mountains with airplane.
Madison: This region of Andes mountains has tall peaks and steep vallyes.
Gavin: In this season in the Sierra mountains it could be rainy but it is mostly sunny!
Meghan: there are lots of plants in here such as: mesquite, cactus, scrub and fodder grasses, and eculyptus plants.
Madison: The main animal in this place are: llamas, alpaca, vicuna, chinchilla, and huanaco.
Gavin: Also you are going to see birds like robin, phoebe, finch, duck, and goose that are very amazing.
Rojin: The main goods of this area are potatoes, cereals, and vegetables.
Meghan: there are lots of interesting places to see in here like...
Gavin: Machu Picchu, Inca trail...
Madison: Maranon river...
Rojin: Lake Titicaca and much more!!!
Meghan: What is lake Titicaca?
Gavin: It is the highest lake in the world between Bolivia and Peru!!! and it sits 3,812 m (12,507 foot).
Madison: Do you want to know about Machu Picchu?
Rojin: Machu picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the world!!!
Gavin: It is located 80 km northwest of Cuzco in Sierra mountains.
Meghan: And you are definitely going to see that amazing place!
Madison: Inca trail is by the far most famous trek in South America...
Rojin: And is rated by many to be in the top five treks in the world!!!
Meghan: We are going to hike between machu picchu to Inca trail and in just 26 miles you are going to see lots of beautiful mountain scenery...
Gavin: lush cloud forest, subtropical jungle and of course, a stunning mix of inca paving stone,...
Rojin: ruins, and tunnels, an lots of other wonderful things!
Madison: Also you are going to see the Maranon river.
Meghan: for the sixth day your going to have some rest in your nice hotels which named Libertador polacio de inca Hotel with $275,00.
Gavin: In this hotel you will have lots of amazing services that you couldn't imagine in there!!!
Rojin: And you can do what ever you want in Cuzco.
Madison: At seventh day you are going to horse riding, rafting at Urubamba river in uzco for only $25 each person; it is great!!!
Gavin: Then in eighth day after we rest, we'll walk from inca trail to Machu picchu. And it will be so fun.
Rojin: And guess what we will have lots to do in there like: biking at mountains and...
Meghan: In the next day we will move to visit Puno a city near to lake Titicaca with buses. And we'll do lots of activities in there.
Madison: Like shopping in Peruvian markets, bird watching...
Gavin: boating and swimming in lake Titicaca, and...
Meghan: Also you will stay to eat your dinner and have some rest in your hotel called Puno Terra Hostel just for $30 each person.
Madison: And you will listen to Peruvian amazing songs.

Part Number 4:

Flash picture of Montana jungle.
At the tenth day we'll travel to the Montana jungle with airplane and land in the Iquitos and it takes only about half of day or even less with airplane.
Gavin: In there there are some rains and it is a little bit cooler, also there are some winds in this region; But there are the sunny days, too.
Madison: This region of Peru is the bigest one and it has lots of forests, plants, animals, and...
Rojin: This place has a very rich profusion of trees, plants, and jungle vines, including mahugany, cedar, rubber, and cinchona trees, sarsaparilla an vallina plants and a variety of exotic tropical flowers.
Meghan: And you'll go to you wonderful hotel named Copoazu hotal which is only $40 that is cheap and also has lots of nice services for having a nice vacation.
Gavin: Then you will have a half of day to rest and do what ever you want in this amazing place.
Rojin: The next day you will go to visit Amazon river near to Iquitos; which is the longest river in South America!!!! and it is so amazing to watch also...
Madiosn: we'll have lots of activities for example: rafting, boating, and... in there!
Meghan: Then in the same day you also going see lots of different animals that you may never saw from near in you life!!!!
Gavin: Yeah we are going to one of the forests and we'll see animals like:...
Rojin: Jaguar, cougar, armadillo, peccary, tapir, anteater, several monkies, insects, snakes, turtules, and much more!!!!
Madison: And you can take lots of pictures of them!!!
Rojin: In day ten we will move to Napo river with bus. and you will see that amazing place, too.
Meghan: The thirteenth day at the early morning we will move to Pucallpa near to Ucayali river in Montana jungles...
Madison: After that you will get some rest in you hotel which is Sol del Oriente hotel only for $ 65,00, we will go to visit Ucayali river!!!!
Gavin: And we are sure that you will have lots of fun in there....
Rojin: Because you also going to get ceuiche that is the national food dish in Peru!!!!
Meghan: awesome, yeah!!! And if you don't try it you will definitely going to miss it!!!!
Madison: Well our wonderful trip slowly going to be done!!!
Gavin: At February 13th you will pack up your things from your hotel in Pucallpa...
Meghan: And from there with the airplane we will go back to Vancouver about one day.
All: At February 14th after having a amazing vacation in Peru's three regions for two weeks we will be back!

Part Number 5:

Flash picture of Peru's map.
This was a really awesome trip to Peru; wasn't it?!!!
Gavin: But before you go we want to tell you some notes about Peru while you're travelling to there:
Meghan: One: don't drink water in Peru because it is not clean you can use of water bottle.
Madison: Second: if you have lost tell to the police; they mostly were white an green clothes and speak English.
Gavin: Third: Visa, Master card, and Dinner club are welcome to Peru. But travel checks are not easily in shops, resturants, hotels, and others.
Rojin: And forth: You have to be very cautious of where you eat.
Meghan: Wow, it is sounds like having a amazing trip to Peru!!!!
Madion: Well we told you at the beginning that...
Gavin: Incaru travel is the best travel agency to Peru!!!
Meghan: We hope that you had good time watching our video about Peru!!!
Rojin: So what are you waiting for now it is your chance, call 1-800-4-INCARU or go to,visit us today and book the best trip to Peru right now!!!!
All: Incaru travel agency- we bring the Peruvian culture to you door step!!!!

Trip Cost

These are costs for a nice dventure to Peru.

Coastal desert:
Transportation: $325,00
Activities: $100,00
Foods: $70,00

Sierra mountains:
Transportation: $350,00
Activities: $170,00
Foods: $70,00

Montana Jungle:
Transportation: $250,00
Activities: $100,00
Foods: $50,00

Total costs:
Total cost of trip (below cost not included):
Cost of transportation from Vancouver to Peru: $375.00
Cost of transportation from Peru to Vancouver: $400.00

Contact Us

If you want to see more information contact us and plan your trip to Peru today!!!

Phone: 1-800-4-INCARU

Peruvian Videos

These are some interesting videos about Peru!!!

Slide Show and Poll

This slide show has lots of pictures about Peru in it!!!

Infomercial pictures

These are some of the pictures that we are going to use for our infomercial.

Incaru infomercail pictures


During this unit we learned lots of things about Peru. And using of Wiki space for us was a very great thing that we doing our jobs was easier and it was fun; and we'll never forget it.

Meghan: During this unit Meghan learned lots of facts about Peruvian culture and how do people live in there that she never knew them before.
Gavin: During this unit Gavin learned about three regions of Peru and about the type of people that lives in there.
Madison: During this unit Madison learned about histories of Peru and how do people live in there.
Rojin: During this unit Rojin learned that how we can travel to Peru and lots of facts about Peru that she didn't knew them before.
All of our group members want to write more information about Peru on our web page and we want to make our site that would be a good website for everyone in the world.

Project Evaluation

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?

Gavin: I like the way that our page is organized. I am proud of our logo. Very detailed.
Rojin: I like the way that our page organized. I am proud of all the effort that we put on our page. And I like the colors that we used.
Madison: I like the details and effort that we put on our page. I am proud of our slide show. Our page is so organized.
Meghan: I think that we put alot of effort into this website. it is organized and helpful to people that need information to learn about peru. I also think that the script was well written and has good roles. the incaru travel is a great search.

2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?

Gavin: I learned how to use the wiki. Also I really enjoyed that we could use different tools and other things.
Rojin: I learned how to make a web page and how should I use it. Also I really enjoyed to putting information and different stuff on our wiki page.
Madison: I learned how to use the wiki. I enjoyed putting stuff on wiki.
Meghan: I learned how to use the wiki and alot about peru. the wiki can use so many different gadgets and tools i never knew you could use before.

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?

Gavin: filming was really difficult. I probably I would start earlier our filming and other stuff.
Rojin: I think that the filiming our infomercial was the hardest part. And next time I will start planning the things that I want to do earlier.
Madison: memorizing our lines in script. I will start earlier doing our jobs for the next time.
Meghan: Not done yet.

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?

Gavin: Not done yet.
Rojin: I think that next time you could pick the groups by yourself But I think that overall it was a very interesting project.
Madison: Next time I think you should pick the groups yourself.
Meghan: Not done yet.

5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?

Gavin: Not done yet.
Rojin: I think that this project was much more fun, easy, and interesting than the other projects.
Madison: I think that this project was more fun and more intresting than other projects
Meghan: Not done yet.

6. Final comments?

Gavin: Not done yet.
Rojin: I think that doing our social project on the wiki, was a very creative and new Idea; that I hadn't done it before. So during this experience I didn't just learned about Peru, but I also learned about creating web pages, and lots of other things.
Madison: I think that this way of doing our project was very creative and you should do it again
Meghan: Not done yet.

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