Key to Peru

Key to Peru

unlock the past, present, and future!

Welcome to Key to Peru travels. You can unlock the past, present and the future! we will be touring you through all three regions of Peru, Coastal desert, Sierra mountains and the Montana jungle!

Script: Scene one at home
Gwynne: I'm bored of always sitting around
Martin: Yeah I wish we could do something fun!
Kristin: Yeah a new adventure!
Reilly: I can help you! I work for Key To Peru!
Gwynne:What's Key to Peru?
Reilly: It's a great travel agency! At Key to peru you can unlock the past, present and the future! We can take a trip to Peru! We can do things like go to Machu Picchu, Colca canyon, and the Inca trail!
Kristin: Wow that sounds fun, but expensive!
Reilly: No you can get it for a cheap price at Key to Peru travel!
Gwynne: Well what are we waiting for?
Kristin: Yeah! I want to go now, but won't it take a long time to plan?
Reilly: Nope, we've got packages including fun activities and meals and hotels and transportation
Gwynne: This sounds all too good to be true!
Reilly: At Key to Peru, It always too good to be true
Kristin: That sounds amazing! Let's go!

Scene two on train
Martin:Well this is exciting!
Kristin: Aren't there tons of rules and things we have to know about Peru? You know, boring stuff? Vacations can't be all fun.
Reilly: Actually you'd be surprised about how easy and fun it is, here at key to peru we do the work for you. We made a pamphlet including all you need to know. Here are some copies for all of you.(Hands us pamphlets)
Gwynne: Wow,Key to Peru is great!
Kristin: Before we get there we need to know some laws in Peru!
Reilly: Well um... You are not allowed to steal...
Martin: Do you even know?
Reilly: Well... Just read your pamphlets! They will tell you all the laws in Peru...
Gwynne: You didn't even read the pamphlet before you gave them to us?
Reilly: Well I can't do everything you know!
Kristin: Here let me look... *Flips through pages* *Mumbling* ...Here we go! Laws in Peru... Martin was right you are not allowed to steal... Murder is illegal in Peru... That's obvious...Hey look, we're almost there

Scene three outside
Martin:So where do we go first?
Reilly:It's up to you
Kristin:Well the pamphlet says a lot of fun sounding things about the inca trail and Machu pichu, let's go there!
Gwynne:Munch Pikachu? That sounds terrible!
Kristin: No, it's called Machu Pichu!
Reilly:Let's go, it'll be fun. The first day we can tour the valley of the Incas, the next three days we will hike on the Inca trail and then we will be at Machu Pichu! Then we transfer to a five star train.
Martin:That sounds totally awesome but I'm really tired. (yawn)
Reilly:We can go to the Sierra Mountain Inn.

Scene four in hotel
Reilly:Welcome to the Sierra Mountain inn
Martin:In what?
Kristin:In Peru.
Gwynne:I don't understand. Shouldn't it be called the Sierra mountain in Peru?
Martin:but we're not on a mountain!
Reilly:Okay, welcome to the Sierra Mountain hotel
Kristin: Wow this hotel is so nice! I bet it is expensive!
Reilly: No worries! All of the costs come after the trip.
Gwynne: Wow that sounds great! Lets hit the sheets! I'm so tired!
Martin: But wait there's more!
Reilly: More? How could there be more?
Martin: Well if you call now we will throw in a free Peru t-shirt!
Kristin: Oh my that is a great deal!

Scene five in the suite
Reilly:Wake up!
Kristin:Wow, our own alarm clock! this is such a nice suite!
Reilly:Everything here is sweet.
Kristin:Ha Ha! Good one!
Martin:My gromach is stumbling
Reilly:Let's have breakfast
Martin:Won't it cost lots of money? I left my money at home.
Reilly:You pay for eveything after the vacation because we don't want to let money ruin your vacation.
Gwynne:I love Key to Peru. Stress
free fun filled vacations!

Scene six In the restaraunt
Reilly:What would you like? Pescado y Mariscos, Comida Criolla or the chefs special Arroz con Pollo?
Kristin:It all sounds great. What do you reccommend?
Reilly:Well we also have something called the Roast cuy, but you would probably call it Guinea pig.
Gwynne:Sounds interesting. i'll have that.
(We get served)
Martin:What is this shredded chicken with the sauce?
Reilly:that is the Aji de Gallina.
Kristin: Hmm everything sounds expensive
Martin: Well first of all it's not expensive, and second of all, as I said earlier, you pay after the vacation!
Gwynne: Wow this is the best vacation I ever had!

Scene seven Later
Reilly:Let's head off to the Inca trail.

Scene eight On the inca trail
Gwynne:I love it here
Reilly:Well you better because we'll be here for 3 days

Scene nine 3 days later
Kristin:Look, it's beautiful!

Scene ten Later:
Martin:Let's go to the beach
Reilly:Sure! we can rent surfboards and hit the waves.

Scene eleven At the beach (down by river):
Martin:Surfing is awesome

Scene twelve Later (outside):
Martin:Let's go rock climbing

Scene thirteen Later (rocky area):
Gwynne:I like rock climbing

Scene fourteen Later (kristin's):
Kristin:This was the best trip ever!
Reilly: Okay that will be $3459.50
Everyone:Thanks key to peru!

• Does your page have some sort of introduction to your topic?
yes it says key to peru travel unlock the past, present and the future
• Do you have a good explanation of what you did for your script, and why you did it?
• Do you have at least one paragraph that describes what you learned, and what questions you still have?
yes we do it's on the bottom.
• Have you made sure that you have demonstrated higher level thinking?
1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?
We like how our script flows nicely.
2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?
It was fun to make the wiki and plan things.
3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?
It was hard to communicate and make things organized.
4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?
make it easier to do things and give more marks/easier to get airmiles
5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?
It was more fun but it was really hard.
6. Final comments?

  • full paragraph
  • describes all members from the Agency
  • what have you learned so far (each person's thoughts)
  • what do you still want to do with your wiki

Martin has learned that all of the information needs to be correct. Reilly has learned that it's better to work together. Kristin has learned that we need to work together to make our page nice and we can't all edit at the same time and we can't fight. Gwynne has learned that we have to communicate. We still want to make our Wiki look nice and organized. We still need to get some videos maybe

To do list:

-get camera and cord
-Check daily agenda
-Logo is scanned and in Kristin's student folder, we need to get it on wiki
-Plan to get together and work on infomercial
-Communicate better
-We can get together on every Sunday Monday and Wednesday after school at Kristin's house and we will stay until 6:15. On Wednesdays Gwynne can come at 4:00. Martin and Reilly will have to bring their video cameras.

Daily work log-

April 15th
We answered the questions from the daily work log.
April 1st-
Gwynne and Kristin are working on the script and Martin and Reilly are researching. Martin and Reilly are going to put their research on a word document and put it in later. We are going to put the logo on today. We will organize our site and make it look nice.

march 31st-we are adding information on Reilly's computer to add onto the script. We need to put more information about Peru and make our script make sense. We have divided the work up: Martin does food and sierra Mountain information, Reilly does The price and Transportation information, Kristin does laws and Montanna Jungle Information and Gwynne does Coastal Desert information and put it all of our work into a script that makes sense.

March 27th-Today our group worked on our script because it is due Wednesday.

March 13th-Today our group added a lot for our script.


-(Tune of the twelve days of Christmas)
On the first day of Christmas my grandma sent to me, a package to Peru, I asked who it was from and grandma said to me, Keeeeey tooo peeruuuu!