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Reflection Paragraph

This unit on Peru has been a blast I have learned a lot about Peru and its three regions. I never new it would have been this much fun on the Wiki site without Mr. Hayes amazing effort to create to be a fun technology simulation game. I would have never thought about experience any thing like this, instead I thought Mr. Hayes would read us notes on Peru and homework and more homework. But this is amazing! Thanks Mr. Hayes!!!!

3 Regions:

1- Montana jungle

It’s a hot, humid region; the Montana is covered with the delicious vegetation typical of a tropical forest zone. Only a few roads connect the Montana to the Sierra and Coast, permitting shipping of timber and tropical fruits and vegetables to markets in the cities of Peru. A number of large rivers flow north- and eastward out of the sierra and Montana, crossing the plains of eastern Peru to….
The Peruvian Jungle contains animals like the pumas, jaguars, and birds such as the macaque and the toucan. Some of the other unfamiliar creatures are the Incan hairless dogs, otherwise known as Peruvian Inca Orchid. The Andean regions of Peru house the llamas and alpaca. The llamas are bred for the meat and the alpacas, for fur that is used for making wool. Birds in this country are also a diverse lot. The largest flying bird on earth is the condor, and it resides in this country. The climate of most of Great Plains Montana Jungle is semiarid, with warm summers and cold winters. In Total snowfall is light. The
**Chinook**, a warm winter wind that blows on the plains near the foot of the Rockies, periodically interrupts the bitter cold—with January temperatures averaging 18° F (-8° C)—for which Montana is notorious
. Montana Jungle is dived into 2 subs regions called the: High Selva, the low Selva. The high Selva is forested with trees and flowers, bushes, plants also is located east of the Andes Mountain! And the low Selva is further east from the high Selva and made up as a wet jungle. Most of these areas are either thick dense forest area or dense jungle. There is very little human habitation but home to many many animals, for example jaguar, birds, and insects… Most rainfalls are about 2540 millimeters and temperature around about 25 degrees or even hotter. (Wow that’s a lot) The Montana Jungle also supplies and have: bamboo for building shelter and even sometimes to goof around with, foliage, and huts for shelter, above ground rivers, some times even wells for more water.

2- Coastal Desert

In the Coastal Desert there are a lot of fabulous places to go! For example the Lima mall, Branco and Son Sidro beach, Mount lasso, and Nazca. And there are many many more places to experience in the coastal desert! One activity in the coastal Desert that is very related to us is surf boarding, and swimming. There is a very neat sport on beaches in Peru and its called sanboarding. (Its sounds very cool) And its environment is beaches, water, and dry land. This is not a hot desert, however; average temperatures of the Costa range from 66 °F (19 °C) in winter to 72 °F (22 °C) in summer. Despite its dryness, some parts of the Costa receive sufficient moisture from winter fogs (locally known as garúa) to support some vegetation. Drugs: Peru has a strict and comprehensive law forbidding all possession of, use of and dealing in drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. Violators are not deported, but are jailed under Peruvian law. There is not bail. You are guilty until proven the contrary. Peru is currently a democratic country, but this has not been all the time. Like many other South American countries from time to time, it has dictatorships, even sometimes are disguised behind the democracy mask! Spanish and Quecha, Aymara are all official languages in Peru and the coastal desert! Watch out for pickpockets and thieves, especially in big cities such Lima, even Arequipa. Write your passport number and keep it in a safe place, just in case. Don't keep money or passport in backpacks. Do not leave purses, cameras unattended. Transportation in the coastal desert are by renting cars or taxi, there is also motorcycle is the most used transportation is the most used in Peru and the Coastal Desert. And at any time you can rent any transportation: car, taxi, or going on the bus. Taxi cars are in bad condition and smell. Buses are cheap and sometimes easy to use on less if you go on the wrong time. Local busses are 99% packed with people. The Coastal Desert foods have soo many different of flavors. The most famous food are: 1) Raw fish marinated in Lemon juice 2) Meat and veggies cooked underground 3) Potatoes with veggies 4) Potatoes with meat 5) Shrimp with hot sauce 6) Smoked salmon' 7) And salmon! There are also some more cool stuff to do in the Coastal desert like fishing,boating(rafting,canooing), and camping!

3- Sierra mountains

In the sierra mountains there are amazing cites to visit like Lima (the capital city of Peru) , Cusco,Ica, Pisco,& Puno! They also have many delicious dishes in the Sierra Mountains for example like the Ocapa its made out of boiled potatoes in seasoned sauce of cheese and nuts, This dish is very popular in the Sierra because the Andes use to eat them, there for making it very popular in it`s region!
There is also the Cau Cau dish, Carapulca and many many more.
Peru has one of the most extreme mountains in the world. And that is why the Sierra Mountains have the best rock climbing area in South America! Those mountains are for some of the best rock climbing places in Peru. The usual climate in the sierra mountains are
temperature are about 3°C, the minimum
being -30°C. Mean annual precipitation is approximately 884mm (recorded at 3,980m), falling mainly between October and May. The Sierra Mountains cover 28% of the land in Peru, and also it’s a difficult place to live!
Because it’s extreme climate and rough land it is not healthy for humans. But the positive part about the Sierra is that there is fresh made from melting snow. They also have very big clothing for the winter and less in the summer. There transportation in the Sierra is mostly walking, there is also traveling by bus which are really expensive and aren’t that really good. The Sierra Mountains contain three ranges Corilla Occidental (along the West coast)
, Cordilla Blanca (East and the highest range), Cordilla Azau! (East & North of western life)
The Sierra mountain has alot of Historical places.


In Spanish Caballero is used to name people gentlemen in Spanish. And that is what we are to our customers.
We provide real and true facts about Peru and its three regions. We let feel just like you are in Peru each cities, town, region. We feel that you should get correct information about Peru! And that is how we work with care and trust.

Websites/ Resources:
This website is great information about each region www.peru.com/peruinfo/ingles/ so if you want even more resources about Peru click on the link to go there.
This is a another great website that gives information about t PERU and its histroy, up to date stuff and more!!
http://members.tripod.com/~texcolca1/body/peru.html ( click on the link to go there)
I have gotten some resources from Peruvian notes that Mr. Hayes gave us.
www.frommers.com. This website contains information about what types of food there is in Peru.
www.virtualperu.net/cities_iquitos.html This website contains Info on Pervian food.

- Environment (climate, animals, rivers, mountains) [10]
- culture - languages, food, laws, rules, holidays [5]
- transportation and technology (how they get around in the different regions, unique ways they do things) [5]
- government (how they elect leaders, and how it is both similar and different from Canada) [5]
- needs to be organized, use color, have pictures, and description [10]
- must have all your sources listed at the end of the wiki [5]

Total out of /40

Daily Work Log:

April 15 /08
Today at school I did the Project Evaluation and that`s all what I did in class.
When I got home I finshed the Montana Jungle and made sure everything was great.
Also added some websites, info, & pictures.

April 14/08
Today I was fixing up the Sierra Mountains and also redoing the Montana jungle.
It was a really tuff day for me & by restarting the Montana jungle!

April 12&13 /08
Over the weekend I found new information on the Sierra mountains and trying to finish the new logo.

April 11 /08
Today I was working in the Wiki page, and trying to find some more information for the two regions on the Wiki page that are complete, and I also was working on complete the third Region which is the Sierra Mountain. But for shore it will be done by Tuesday and ready to be marked on the due date. I also am planning to look for some pictures to paste on the Wiki!

April 9/08
On Microsoft word I did erase and put information an there, In class I was drawing out the new Logo that I will have on next Mon, Tues, Wed.

April 8/08
Today I wrote the reflection paragraph on the Wiki site, and also fixed up some errors that I had. Mr. Hayes and I change up some of my work for me! And I also made the website even more amazing. That and also after school I was starting to put down some of the info I have on the coastal desert on Microsoft Word.

April 6/08
Today i made some changes to the Wiki site. And i also bought a memory stick for school resources towards the project.

April 4/08
Today after school Nadim was working on finding some information on the Sierra Mountains.
Christina also was helping him find some helpful websites. And it’s been a very will used time up by Nadim.

April 3/08
Today I found a large amount of resources on the Montana jungle with some assist by x-Tina. How has helped me alot lately for some reason which i dedicate alot to here for helping me.

Today Nadim was working very hard to finish the script. Nadim has written the introduction, begging
and still to come the Middle, End, and Conclusion. By tomorrow the script will be fabulous.

Mar 31/08
Nadim was creating a slide show for the infomercial that was a great success in its first day running.
What a surprise Blake was away AGAIN. Which is crazy in my opinion.

Mar 28/08
Today Nadim handed in the transportation sheet for the group. And Blake was sick again.

Mar 27/08
Today was working on finding information on Peru for the last time, and Blake was trying to set up a website but for some reason it did not work out.

Mar 26/08
Today Blake was watching videos on the laptop! And Nadim was researching on the flighting paper.
Which is good to working like Nadim was which was very hard.

March 13, 2008
Today our group was working on our Peru trip planner because we didn't do so well on it
so we decided to do it over again. in the class today w had 10 mins to add stuff to the criteria
and to get bonus air miles.

March 12, 2008
Today our group worked on our Peru travel agency trip planner. We worked very hard on doing it because none of us were that far into the worksheet that is really a set back.

Today was pretty weird Blake was sick two people were looking at cars. Yes cars i know its crazy.
Nadim was focused on his work because he wanted to get good grades. So that was our day today.

March 10, 2008
Today our all of our group members were working on our assigned work.
But one person was having difficulties logging in to his account. The others were finding some facts about Peru.
And in all it was a pretty good first for our Wiki page.

Project Evaluation

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?
My wiki page is great, I really like ho i responded to the events that have occurred sournding the group.
I feel proud of how I have been finishing more work then before. And my highlight is when I got 70 air miles.

2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?
I have enjoyed everything soo far. Mostly how Mr.Hayes put fun into the Wiki and socials the.
It`s has been a really cool life time expreince for me, & also that I will rember this unit for the rest of my life as the best unit ever.

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?
Well my hardest part of the unit was when the other group members were released from the group!
My plan is choose new people that will work & to there best.

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?
Everything is great maybe to be consider to make it have a little bit more time.

5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?
The best unit that I have ever done & also in every other subject.

6. Final comments?
This unit rocks (thank`s)