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Melinda, Shyane.

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Bonus task

5. Climate graph for city in peru(10) Callao
4. FAQ(20)
6.Biasness cards(10)

Daily Work Log

April 2,2008
Today Melinda has found the rainfall again because i lost it so i had to start again.I am almost done
the rough draft and i am done the research.

April 1,2008
Today Melinda and Shyane have found the rain fall in one year for are climate graph. We have done are research and
are rough draft.

March 31,2008
We have found a city to do are climate graph with. We will be working on researching for are city in peru and
working on are climate graph. Shyane will be working on the temp. and drawing the graph and Melinda will be
finding the rain fall for year.

March 27,2008
We have been researching for climate graph for city in peru and we can not find any information right
now but we are going to keep researching for it and not give up now. We will work hard and get right to it and start working.

March 26,2008
we have chosen three bonuse tasks to work on two 10s and one 20. We have been talking about
how to organize and how to do the bonus tasks. We will be searching the web to find information
about climate graph for city's in Peru and we will work hard.

March 14,2008
We have been woking on our bouns tasks. And changing around our home page.Doing your daily work log and having fun earning Airmiles. And working vary hard.

March 13.2008
We have been researching landmarks activities food. We have also been writing the table of contents. We have been working on our
daily work log. We have been editing our page. And we hope to get better on our work.