Peru and who????? Peru and you!!! You and Peru. Visit all the three regions .coastal dessert sierra mountains andddddddd Montana jungle, Peru and you Peru and you Peru and you!!!!!!

coastal dessert
sierra mountain
Montana jungle
facts, details
the information you need
by:mariyah, kyle, and kaely

Work Log

March 31. 2008
For the daily work log today we did the script for are infomercial and in that we finished the coastal desert and sierra mountains and we even finished the Montana jungle.

April 1. 2008
Mariyah and Kyle set the page up nice and added color we also orginized our page. We did some editing and spell check. Our page is nice and tidy we think that we improved it alot.

April 2, 2008
Today we worked on are scrip and we started on a pan flit. Mariyah help key to Peru. kyle did some research.

April 3 2008
Today we worked on are scrip and added color so it could be more appealing.And edited it. we also worked on our pan flit

April 4 2008
Today we worked on making our page more better and making it look good we also tried to add some pictures but i didn't work out to good and we had to delete it.

April 5 2008
today we did some research and we tried to see what other stuff we could doo to add our page but we need to add some more pictures.

April 6 2008'
Today we looked at other peoples pages to see if they could give us any ideas and mariyah found some pictures.

April 7 2008
Today we worked on are pan flip.We improved are scrip and made it more orginaise

April 14 2008
Today we worked on are pictures and edded are script
Times to get together
Get together at school and lions park , the trail and the river and maybe An elementry school

Things to do

1) Edit our script
2) Find stuff to add
3) Start filming
4) Get pictures
5) Get a you tube account
6) Make a slide show

Coastal desert: kyle
Sierra mountains: Mariyah
Montana jungle: Mariyah
transportation data: Kaely


The best memories that we have had was when we were decorating our page. Kaely remebers when kyle and mariyah ersad the hole page on time but it was a good thing that she was editing at the page at the same time. Mariyah remembers when we were all edititing at the same time and only one edit saved and that was kind of a bad cause we did alot of work. I think kyle would remember when we were all talking about the movie and how we would all start laughing becasue we sadi some funny stuff. And the hole group will remeber making the movie it will be the best part. Overall kyle made kaely and mariyah laugh threw out the project and it worked out good. This is our reflection of the social studies simulation.

Script for infomercial

Part 1

Kyle:are you bored of just sitting around and watching the same shows over and over

Kaely and Mariyah:yeah its so boring

Kyle:come to Peru and visit the wonderful three regions.

Mariyah:wow that sounds great

kaely:how would we get there where would we stay?

Kyle:you would go with Peru & you travel agency and we would stay in Lima and you would stay at the Mami Panchita,Lima and it is 20$ a night

Mariyah and Kaely:Its that cheep Wow

Kyle:You will be leaving July 27 and will arrive July 28 in lovely Lima!

Kaely and Mariyah:Wow!!

Kaely:where is Lima located?

Kyle:Lima is in the coastal desert in Peru

Mariyah:what kind of activities will we do?

Kyle:we can do surfing and biking and so much more and when it is night we can ht the clubs and do lots of dancing.

Kaely:when where there what will we eat?

Kyle:when we are there we will eat fresh pacific sea bass, shrimp, guinea pig, scollopos lomo saltado, a local favorite consisting of a chopped meat in a sauce containing tomatoes, onions, and potatoes.

Kaely Mariyah: wow thats sounds yummy!

Kaely: What are the rules in Lima.

Kyle: the rules are no killing, no dumping, and no littering.

Mariyah: What is the climate in Lima?

Kyle: usually the coastal desert is hot and sunny, and it usually never rains and in the summer it is 72 degrease fear in hight, and the average is 66 degrease fear in hight.

Mariyah Kaely: that is hot

Kyle: Some of the land marks you will see there are the Nazca lines remain one of the worlds greatest mystery's it is located in the desert between the Andes mountain and pacific ocean is a long plateau about 60 miles long and 5 miles wide.

Mariyah:that is so cool

Kaely: How will we get to the places that we want to go to.

Kyle: Most people get around by taxis and bus's taxis are cheap bu the bus's are way more money.

Mariyah:we can use the taxis because there cheaper.

Kaely: Is there any more extra information?

Kyle: There is a bit more, the Incas spoke Quechua witch they spread to all of there people. Lima is by far Perus economic and cultural heart.

Kaely Mariyah: Wow

Part 2
Kyle: the next place we will go to is the Sierra Mountains we will have a 4 places to stay sammay Cusco hotel it is 53.00 Taypikala hotel which is 70.00 San Agustin internaconcl hotel which is 68.00 and the Centenario hotel which is 45.00

Kaely: Wow that is cool

Kyle: I know

Mariyah: what activities will we do there?

Kyle: We can do the Inca trail to matchupitchu with porters.

Mariyah: That sounds good, but how much are the porters?

Kyle: The porters are 14$ a day

Mariyah: ok

Kyle: the food we can have there is ribs, fruit, and guinea pig

Mariyah: How will we get around

Kyle: We hike!

Kaely: What is the weather there?

Kyle: It is hot,humid,dry and a possible snow fall in the Andes!

Kaely: Is there any rules or laws?

Kyle: Yes, there is no killing, only 41 soles a day against the law if more

Mariyah: Okay we will remember that

Kyle: The landmarks we will see are, valley sugar ado, and the col ca canyon

Mariyah: Is there any extra information

kyle: Yes , bring warm clothes for a trip to matchupitchu because it could snow

Kyle: that is all you need to know for this trip.

Mariyah Kaely: Thank you for all the information

Part 3
Kyle: The next place we will go Montana jungle

mariyah: Okay that sounds fun

Kaely: were will we be staying

Kyle: we will be staying hostel ambassador it is 20 to 50 $ a night.

Kaely Mariyah: That sounds awesome

Kyle: The food that we will be eating there is Banana s plantain rice Fish and chicken.

Kaely:That sounds YUMMY

Kyle: the activities we will be doing there are hiking and canoing

Mariyah: That sounds fun

Kyle: It sure is.

Kaely: What kind of landmarks will we see there

Kyle: you will see the amazon river

Mariyah: That is cool I always wanted to see that

Kyle: The only special rules you need to know is no killing

Kaely: What is the climate there?

Kyle: it is raining and mostly heavy rain

Mariyah: That will be fun getting wet

Kyle: Yeah......

Kaely: How will we get around

Kyle: We will use a taxi and we can bike and walk

Mariyah: aw we have to do exorcise

Kyle: For sure!

Kaely: yeah

Mariyah: any extra information

Kyle: Yes, bring a jacket,boots,sleeping bag,clothes,swim suit,soles (money),hat,and a first aid kit.

Kaely:is that it?

Kyle:Yes it is you can bring any thing else you want and i have told you all the highlights about your trip.

kaely,mariyah: Thanks but one more question.

kyle: Yah

kaely: what travel agency are you?

Mariyah, Kaely ,Kyle: Peru and you!!!!

The End

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1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?

2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?

5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?

6. Final comments?


1.kaely likes when kyle and mariyah erase our logo on the page,kaely is proud that we finished our script on time, and finally kaely's highlights are when Kyle put on a pink wig for are information when we couldn't burn it on a DVD .

Kyle likes when we are all getting along and working hard on our page, Kyle is also proud that we finished our pan flit on time, and finaly kyle's highlights our when we deleted everything on our page but then we got it all back.

Mariyah likes when everyone was working hard,Mariyah is proud of when she helped other angneceys, and finally mariyah's highlights are having fun while working on this project.

2. We enjoyed this project because we never did anything like this, and we learned to make a wiki page and our friendship is better!

3. The challenges we faced were trying to make the infomercial but instead we decided to do it live