We are Peruvian Pleasures. We are a company of great structure. Take a trip to paradise, to paradise, ahh ahh ahh, paradise. paradise. Peruvian Pleasures. Like they say We have all the pleasures of Peru


Peruvian Pleasures

All the pleasures of Peru (do do do do doo)

OUR TRAVEL AGENCY WEB PAGE--http://www.freewebs.com/peruvainpleasures2/

Peru was once part of the great Inca Empire and later the major vice-royalty of Spanish South America. Francisco Pizarro conquered it in 1531–1533. On July 28, 1821, Peru proclaimed its independence. The population of peru is 28.6 million, and about 30% live in Lima and Callao, Peru. Peru is the fifth most popular country in Latin America. The Languages in Peru are mainly Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.

Mr.Hayes Questions

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?

We enjoyed writing the script and filming. We are proud of the fact that we got lots of air miles and worked really hard. The highlights are when Tyler D. tripped over the toilet (don't ask) and smashed on the ground. and when Tyler.L and Tytler D were chasing the squirles, and broke the fence.(...dont ask)

2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?

We enjoyed working together in the group and it was fun doing all the bonus activities.

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?

The challenges we faced were: People in our group not wanting to work with us. It was difficult for me (Christina) to share the script writing since i wanted to do it all myself. For Tyler D. and Caitlyn it was filming. Tyler L.'s biggest challenge was the whole thing. Next time we would pick our group more wisely

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?

We think that you should pick our groups.

5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?

This is defiantly the most fun we all agree, and it was really a creative project to do, also this had so much planning but it was al fun planning and it really wasn't your typical project, and to us thats a good thing.

6. Final comments?

We really would love to do this project again or something similar to this, like the simulation Mr.Hayes' class did last year. If we had the opportunity. it was really fun !!

Get together Days:

Tuesday: at christina's to finish the last 2 parts.


- We are almost done, so great job me (Caitlyn) and chrisitna will edit on tuesday.

Company Jingle

Come join Peruvian Pleasures....for a tour of Peru...all the pleasures of Peru, delivered to you!!! On your tour that we made for you, you travel to and from, the 3 regions in your palm and everyone pampering... you. The sun beaming upon the sand, the Incas ruins rule the land. And Peruvian Pleasures takes you away ( aaaa-wwww-aaaaaaa-y). *Jazz Hands* yahh....

Daily Work Log

April 14th
today We decided who was coming over and when and where we are going to film. we worked on our wiki.

April 2nd
Today Tyler.L worked on the script he also worked on the wiki. Christina researched the new hotel and worked on the script. Caitlyn edited the Wiki. Tyler.D emailed a Peruvian travel agency and also worked on the jingle and script

March 31st

Today we all worked on the script. Tyler L, worked on his script on paper, Caitlyn and Christina worked on the script on the computer and Tyler D. worked on looking for a travel agency in Peru.
Total of project done 35%

March 27th

Tyler L made spelling corrections on oujr script, Caitlyn edited our script. Christina edited our script and did a bit of research for pictures and information. Tyler D. edited rthe scrip and was contacted a peruvian agencyu to do the thing for bonus.

March 26th

Today Christina helped Nadim's group with his script thing, Tyler L helped with the jingle, Tyler D made our company jingle,
Christina also worked on their script


Christina- made new website, brainstormed ideas for infomercial, added to script, made business card, researched Peruvian music (press play at top to hear

March 14th

Today we got a total of 8 bonus air miles, and all gave other groups helpful comments and tips, Christina worked mostly on the website. Tyler L helped out the 4 cabalaros. And Caitlyn and Tyler L, and Tyler D, made changes to our WIKI page. We also counted up all our bonus air miles, and discussed some of the possibilities for a play and script.
Total work done for project- 27%

March 13th, 2008

Today, Christina and Caitlyn help some people from the 4 caballeros group find websites for information. They also added to our website and wikipage. Tyler L added some stuff to our website, and so did Tyler D. Caitlyn and Christina added our work log.
Work gotten done so far (all days) 25%, about 2% today

March 12th, 2008

Tyler.D and Caitlyn worked on the website Tyler.L fixed up his Trip planner. Christina was making plans group members. Over all we got not as much work as we would have liked to done.

March 11th, 2008

today we worked on our research. Christina and Tyler.l added some websites to the peru website page. tyler D made a account and worked on his research. Tyler L found good food to eat at the Sierra Mountains. And found a better hotel to stay. Tyler D and edited on our page. Caitlyn found extra information on Coastal Desert. Christina also worked on some FAQ's from her home computer. Got two extra air miles.

March,10th 2008

Today Caitlyn and Tyler L worked on finding hotels in their regions and looked for small activities. Christina was helping Caitlyn with a hotel search and was also looking for different types of transportation used in Peru. We posted 2 websites. Tyler L. found 2 hotels in his region, and Caitlyn found a good activity of wind surfing for a good price. Christina found a good website with lots of postings of things and prices of things in Peru, and got Tyler L, to add it to the Websites list.

Days We are meeting

Vacation Diary




Reflection Paragraph.

Peruvian Pleasures has had a really fun time doing this. We all did alot of work on this. Tyler L. says that he has learned alot about the climate of Peru, he also learned alot about the Sierra Mountains. Tyler D. says that he has learned alot about how to work good in a group and about the Montana Jungle. Caitlyn has learned alot about the Coastal Desert and since she was the climate master she learned the most about the Climate. I (Christina) have learned so much about all of Peru, and also spent so many hours searching for a cheaper flight and learned that most sites dont go cheaper than $600 for a flight to Peru. With Our Wiki we don't need to do anything, our Wiki is ready to be handed in now. We had a great time doing this project and look forward to filming more.

Our Script

Starting Lines-

Scene One

Caitlyn and Tyler D. : Happy Birthday

Tyler D
: Open your gift!!

Tyler L: (Unwraps present) A trip to Peru?

Caitlyn: Yes

Tyler L: Why would i want to go to Peru?

Tyler D: Well we don't know so lets watch the video Peruvian Pleasures gave us.

: Can i stay and watch it to?

Tyler L
: Of course you can stay! Plug it in Ma.

Scene 2

Caitlyn puts DVD into DVD player and turns on TV, shows a shot of the 4 of us sitting on couch then zooms in on TV which is playing our Travel Agency Video

Our Jingle is being played while there is pictures of Peru and the trip being flashed on screen

: So i hear your thinking about going to Peru and you need a travel agency that knows what there doing and knows about the surroundings of the Area.

Caitlyn: And why settle for a company that goes to multiple places when you can go to Peru with a travel agency just for Peru?

Tyler L: She brings up a good point, travel agency's that go everywhere can't possibly give you enough information to want to travel with them, so why do people?

Tyler D: So how 'bout not settle, go for big adventure, with a cheaper price, and know everything you need to about Peru from this video we give you

: Exactly. This video will tell you all about our Travel Agency, The trip, and Peru itself.

Caitlyn: We've planned out a trip for you and calculated the price for everything so you don't have to

: Yes we have, we are Peruvian Pleasures Travel

Tyler D
: So sit back relax and enjoy

In a very buisness like way, Tyler D. hit a play button and switches to a informative video about Peru's 3 regions

Tyler L
: Ahh a wonderful trip to Peru... Oh Hi. My name is Rick and I'm one of your trip planners

Caitlyn: And my name is Ednus and I'm another one of your trip planners

Tyler D
. : My name is Alfred and yes, i am one of your trip planners

: And last but DEFINITELY not least, my name is Frans and you guessed it I'm your last trip planner

Caitlyn: So Rick , where should we start, their trip, the regions, or just Peru in general?

Tyler L: How about we go through this in three sections. We'll start with the Coastal Dessert . We will tell them about the climate, then the laws, and finally what they will do there

Tyler D: I like the way you think young man.

: And then we can do the same for the other regions.

Tyler D: Before we start here are some laws: It is illegal to...take any art out of Peru, to take any animals out of Peru, to steal, Murder, and To take any illegal drugs into Peru and/or take then out.

Tyler L
: Awwww...*holding a cat*


Scene 3

: Me and Ednus are going to be talking about the coastal desert and your stay there.

Caitlyn: Lets start with the climate:
Humidity on the coast produces a sensation of cold, although temperatures rarely dip below 12°C. During the summer the sun beats down and temperatures often top 30°C. The central and southern sections of the coast feature two well-defined seasons: winter from April to October, and summer from November to March. The north coast is not touched by the effects of the cold current, which means it enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year and warm temperatures all year-long (as much as 35°C in the summer). The rainy season runs from November to March

: Wow! 300 days a year of pure sunshine. Count Me in!

Caitlyn: Now For the trip. Frans, would you like to start us off?

: I'd be honored. You will stay 5 nights in the beautiful coastal desert at the wonderful Sans Blas Hotel.

*Flash pictures that CE has*

Caitlyn: What a beautiful hotel!

: Ednus is there any rules in the hotel

Caitlyn: There is one , NO pets aloud

: But you could squish your hamster into your carry-on if you like (flash a ridiculous smile)

Caitlyn: Okay then..Lets start with day one. You are flown out of Vancouver National Airport to the Lima Airport, were you are taken to your hotel. You will need to be at the airport for 5 am. From the airport you will get your room and be able to change into more comfortable clothing for a tour of Lima that will take approximatively 4 hours. Then you will be taken to the wonderful sushi Ito a Japanese Restaurant.

: After that wonderful Japanese you will be taken to your hotel were you can relax or take a run on the treadmills.

*Day 2*

: The next day you will be able to sleep in and get some rest, and get picked up at 11:00 am to have brunch at Manolo's in Miraflores.
*Picture pops up of the restaurant.*

Caitlyn: After that wonderful meal you will be driven to the sand- boarding arena at 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

: Sand-boarding! That sounds fun!

: Then you will be driven to a dinner restaurant called Bavaria Bistros and Brasseries in Miraflores, with reservations at 5 pm

Tyler D
: Mmmm, European. After that delightful meal you will be driven to your hotel for a rest

*Day 3*

: After you wake up you will be taken to Italian Brunch restaurant at 10 am in San Isidro called Del Pilar

Caitlyn: Then you will be taken to Huanchaco Beach in Trujillo at 12 am-3 pm.

: I heard that was a toasty beach be sure to pack your trunks! After you can have a nice long nap

*Day 4*

Caitlyn: , Then you can wake up at 5 am in the morning to go on a nice tour of the Nazca lines, for 12 hours!

: That sounds so fun! But what about breakfast?

Caitlyn: Oh, I almost forgot, the tour provides 2 meals breakfast and lunch.

: And when you get back you can have a nice Italian dinner at Al Dente at 7pm.

Caitlyn: Speaking of Italian i could really go for some right now

: After that wonderful meal, you will be taken to your hotel for a good nights rest.

*Day 5*

Caitlyn: On this day you will be given a car to drive around Lima, and the cities of Peru to do Whatever you please. This is the day that we recommend you bring money for!

: The car needs to be back at the hotel by 10:00 pm, after that you will be able to
walk around the cities or go to bed.

*Day 6*

Caitlyn: Today is your last day in the coastal dessert. You will be picked up at 5:00 am and driven to the Lima National Airport for your flight to Cuzco. You will arrive in Cuzco at around 7:05 am and from their taken to your hotel. For the rest of the day you will be able to laze around your hotel room or enjoy the facilities.

: The facilities and accommodations of this hotel are ... hair dryer, satalite TV, housekeeping, a wake-up call if requested, telephone, your own personal bathroom, hot tub, bar, laundry room, restaurants, thats right there is more than one. there is also a spa, and free wireless internet!

Caitlyn: Sounds like a party to me!

Christina: Before we go on to day 7, a weather report for the Sierra Mountains

Caitlyn: The climate for the Sierra Mountains is on average around 24 decrees celcius everyday. At night the temp. usually drops to about -3.

Scene Four

*Day 7 *

Caitlyn: Today you will be picked up at 9 am to go on an exciting river rafting in Huambutio

Tyler L: Huambutio?

Caitlyn: Yes that is a city in Peru with many fantastic rivers to raft in.

All: Huambutio, Huambutio, Huambutio, Huambutio, Huambutio, Huambutio, Huambutio

Caitlyn: Okay we can move on now

Tyler D, Christina : Okay

Tyler L:
Huambutio, Huambutio, Huambutio, Huambutio, Huambutio *Everyone is looking at tyler.*

Caitlyn: Okay anyways...That will be a 2 day trip with one night spent camping with the other members of the tour!

Tyler D: Be sure to pack your tent, or you'll be sleeping under the stars!

*Day 8*

Tyler L
: Today You will be picked up at 9am for a train ride up and down the Magnificent Machu Picchu
Caitlyn: It includes all meals, activities, and guides. There is also a bar. And it is all inclusive.

Tyler L
: Tonight you will also be needing to sleep under the stars or in your tent.

*Day 9*

ALL: Pack your bags and get ready to go cause we are going to the Montana Jungle! (in a singing voice)

Caitlyn: Thats right today you will be driven back to the Cuzco airport

Tyler L:And yes you will be going on a flight to...Iquitos!

Christina: During the course of the day you can do whatever you like around town, taxi's cost 70 cents American a mile down there if you plan on taking a taxi. At 11pm you will be picked up at the hotel to go to Iquitos!

Tyler D: Climate of The Montana Jungle... The jungle features high humidity all year long. In the southern jungle, there are sometimes cold spells known locally as friajes or surazos, cold fronts which drift up from the far south of the continent between May and August, where temperatures can drop to 8-12°C.

Scene Five

*Day 10*

Christina: You have arrived in Iquitos and be driven to hotel Acosta to drop of your bags and take a small nap.

Tyler D
: Then be taken to the beautiful amazon hiking tour.

Christina: then after that tiring hike we get to go swimming at one of Peru's gorgeous lakes!

Tyler D: You will be driven back to your hotel for a long nights sleep to get ready for the next days activities

*Day 11*

Christina: Today will be a relaxing day at the Hammock House. Where you will be served your 3 meals.

Tyler D: You can have as much Peruvian food as you like. Some choices are authentic Peruvian food like Choclo con and Baked Papas.

:Mmmm... sounds good Alfred, I wish i could eat all that great food!

*Day 12*

Tyler L: As you probably guessed this is a day where you are given a car to go and explore the region for yourself

Tyler D: You must have the car back to the hotel be 5pm.

Tyler L
: You must be at the hotel door by 6pm with your bags because today you are being flown back to Lima.

*Day 13*

Christina: Today is your last day in Peru.

Tyler D: You will be in the Lima National Airport for around 6 hours at night.

Caitlyn: Your flight back to Vancouver leaves at 4pm.

*Day 14*

Tyler D
: You will arrive in Vancouver at night and will be able to leave the airport as soon as your luggage arrives.

Scene Six

Christina: All those activities

: All those meals

Tyler D: All those wonderful hotels and camping sites

Tyler L: All for an amazing price of...

ALL: $2756

: Contact us at 1-800-per-uyou or peruvianpleasures@hotmail.com
You can also book your tour at www.freewebs.com/peruvainpleasures2/

Jingle starts to play

Scene Seven

Tyler L: Wow Mom and Dad, I really do want to go to Peru

Christina: I wish my parents could let me go to.

Caitlyn: You can borrow this video and maybe your family can come to!

Christina: Great thanks, when are you guys going?

Tyler D: April 1st-14 2009

Christina: Oh, good i have time to save up!

Tyler D
: This is way better the last tour we went on! *Flashes picture of Tyler D sleeping on bench*

Caitlyn: No kidding, the activities were lame *Flashes picture of "activity* Caitlyn sliding down the baby slides*

Tyler L: And the food was nasty *Flashes picture of Tyler L eating a twig*

Christina: Yeah, sound like fun! *Makes a wierd face* But i think I'm going to stick with...

All: All the pleasures of Peru, with Peruvian Pleasures (getaways)

: You can book your tour at www.freewebs.com/peruvainpleasures2/ or can call us at 1-800-peru-you, as well as email us at peruvainpleasures@hotmail.com.

Tyler D
: : So what are you waiting for? Have all the Peruvian Pleasures!

Jingle starts to play

Peru Flag