Work Log:

April 15,2008 We answered our project evaluation and we worked on our video Yesterday .

April 10,2008 On friday we are going to video tape most of our video at lions park and we plan to improve the wiki site. And today we did the sponge and worked on our site like we changed the thinking part and we got back our buisness card and got 5 air miles for it and Raof deleted the pole a while ago.

April 8, 2008 me and Robert worked on the reflections.

April 4,2008 Robert and Raof are working on a bonus task and Sam finished the script.

April 2,2008
Sam was working extremely on the script Robert was working on the bonus tasks and Raof added a new poll to

April 1,2008
Sam finished his region part in our script now Robert is working on it. And Raof made a business card for
our agency. And Robert is working on another bonus task.

March 31, 2008 Sam added lots to our script and Raof is going to add a YouTube video to our web page.

Mar.27,2008 We changed our script allot and fixed our work log and Raof added a you tube clip to our site.

Mar.26,2008 Raof and Robert have helped Jake Hayden and Jimmy with their script and Robert has made an account and signed in for the first time =) and we have added to our script.

On Mar.13,2008 Raof added out agencies logo also we have added some task criteria for Mr.Hayes but he deleted it because it didn't fit in any of the sections we also have put our tittle page on the front of out site, and the last thing we did do day was that Raof added new pictures and separated the links and the pictures into two separate links. And we have started out script.

Mar.12,2008 Sam and Raof have been working well while Robert has been away, that day we too we Raof did alot of work but i did some too, also that day I look at different site to add but i hadn't added them yet but i will soon and rite now Raof is looking and wont stop till he finds so all together our work time will be effective and will help with our project.

On Mar.11,2008 Raof added a new site to the website page=).

On Mar.10,2008 Raof added the tittle and the slogan, also on the day he named a new category.


These two sites can help you to find cheap airline tickets and hotel packages :D ?/a>
This site tells you everything about the Sierra mountains :D


images.jpg external image image3940677.jpg
These are some cool and amazing places in Peru you should try and visit them for you own sake + the flag=)


(Sam): Sarah I'm really bored and we haven't gone on a trip or anywhere in such a long time . :(
(Robert) : Soooooooo, we just cant find the right place to go.
(Sam): I got it.
(Robert): Okay
(Sam): (opens door)
(Raof): Hello there my friend, why are you at home with your wife on a beautiful day like this?
(Sam): Well we just can't find the right place to go.
(Raof): Well do I have news for you!!
(Robert): Who is it Tony?
(Sam): Just another weird seller I think.
(Raof): Hey I'm standing right here!!
(Sam): Oh sorry its just that we haven't gone anywhere for I don't know how long that it is getting very annoying.
(Raof): Well as I was saying there is a cure for that!!
(Robert): Really???
(Raof): Yes I am here to sell to you a fantastic trip to PERU !!!! for 2 lucky adults :D
(Sam): What two adults would that be?
(Raof): You and your darling wife.
(Sam): Yea right there is probably a twist or something.
(Raof): No I swear I have the papers here ready to go just sign.
(Robert): This is lovely isn't it dear.
(Sam): Yea it is very and also so exciting.
(Sam): But i think we need time to think about it some more.

Thinking part

(Sam): Ok but how much will it coast us
(Raof): It will coast about $2,151 for two people.
(Robert): That is pretty cheap for going to Peru and to see all of the different artifacts but i would love to hike To Machu Pichu
(Raof): Yes you would be able to and also you would see all the different regions like Coastal Desert and the Serria Mountains And last but not least the rainy But still sunny Montana Jungle!!.
(Sam): This is pretty amazing but how would be get there and how will be get around.
(Raof): Leave all of that up to me and my crew, but for sure are going to be able to come or do you not want to come all you have to do is sign these papers and you will be in Peru in no time.
(Robert): How long will we be staying for.
(Raof): You will be staying for two week from March 15, 2008 at 10:10pm at Seattle then you would arrive at 9:50am then you would return back on the 31st of march.
(Sam) Wow that is great 2 weeks in the famous Peru.
(Sam): Isn't that wonderful dear.
(Robert): Yes it is it is quite amazing but really out of the ordinary.
(Raof): Now I'm going to show you a DVD about what are some places you should visit and some tourist attractions.
(Sam): Here i will show you to the DVD player.
(Raof): Puts the DVD in. CLICK


During the movie

(Raof): Hi i am Scientist Ali Reza Mohammad and i am here to show you all the different places and activities to do in the Serria mountains. The different land marks and places you can see are Peru's central highland the Andes ranger together with it's foothills forms the part of Peru that is called the Lasicrro. The Machu Pichu trail it is located on a high mountain range. It is 7,710 feet tall. It is located 70 km northwest of Cuzco. Know the activity's you can do there you can sand board just rent sand boards and go to the sand runs you also can fish in the rivers and shores of Peru you can also go white water rafting at the most famous and longest rivers that are there and it is about 7,000 km. Ok know what can eat there well here are the four finest restaurants up there they are Andes Grill, Address portal de panes 147 2do. piso, Cusco Peru. And another one up there is Macondo cafe- Restaurant, address Cucsta san Blas 571, Cusco. Another one is the Paitit address, Portal Carrizos 270, Cusco Peru. And the very last one is Truco, address, Plaza Regocijo 261, Cusco Peru. Ok know you got the food i will move on to the place to stay. It is called Hotel Arucobgo $158 dollars per night and it is 3 stars. The special rules and laws are that there is No killing, No drugs, No dumping and No vadilizing. Ok know on to the climate Peru has 28 kinds of climate humid Svanhas icy mountain and plain rain forest and the very last thing is transportation you will be able to get around by cars, buses, bikes, motorcycles and by foot k thats all thanks and know i will pass you to Scientist Shan.
(Sam): Hi i am scientist Shan and I am here to tell you every thing to do in the Montana Jungle you can hike camp bike rock climb party with friends and hang around in the mud and rain what you can eat up there is bananas rice fish and yummy chicken there is also loads of other things but to many to name you would have to stay in an hotel an house on stilts and all the different camp grounds If you choose an hotel you be staying at the Terra Andina 3 star but it is $99 per night that is a good price you should go for the hotel it is way better then a house on stilts or a camp ground. the transportation to get around is either on a train a bike walking or rent a car to rent a car it will cost about $100 a day that is not too much but it is more then buying a car and you money will be getting back to you is you keep the car in good shape and please don't crash. The rules in the Montana Jungle are that there is no killing no smoking no littering no dumping and no vandalizing. the climate and tempo up there is about 18-36C and the different places to check out down there are the Amazon river and all the different animals like there are lots of animals. Know i will pass you to Scientist Dodo.
(Robert): Hi i am Scientist Dodo and will be telling you all the thing to do up in the Coastal Desert plus more. The activities you can do up there is you can shop in the Jockey plaza you can go clubbing in the bars bowl in the cosmic blowing windsurf go to museums and bike for a whole 3km. Ok know i will tell you what you can eat there you can have seafood for only 10$ these are the fish you can eat Pacific sea, bass, shrimp,scollop's, lomo, saltado, chopped meat in sauce with tomatoes and onions and potatoes yum yum that is a good dinner and lunch and maybe breakfast. The places to stay, you can stay in a hotel called Coast del sol Ramada for a single person it will be $190 a day double it is also 190$ but if you stay in the Jorge chauez hotel in Lima and that will cost $95 per day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. on know that i told where to stay know i will tell you the special rules and laws. The rules and laws are No killing No stealing No littering No dumping No vandilzing. Ok know the weather the average in about 19C in the summer it is 22C and it is usually mild. The transportation in the taxis, trains, rental cars $100 per day, buses and the rail system. Ok know you have everything to know about the Coastal desert i hoped you enjoyed all this information about the 3 regions. (Movie is now over)


(Raof): I hoped you enjoyed this movie about the three regions and the different things to do there know what is your answer would you like to come.
(Sam): How much would the total cost be?
(Raof) Depends what place you would like to visit.
(Robert): I think we would like to go to the Coastal Desert please so how much will it coast?
(Raof): Um depends if you stay at the Hotel called Del sol Ramada if you stay there it will coast so the hotel plus the plan ride so it will coast for you two about $4,811 but you need to of course bring spending money for the stores and food. But will you guys like to walk or rent a car for 100 dollars a day or take taxis for what ever that video told you?
(Sam): We would like to bike and some times take taxis and trains.
(Raof): Ok cool that will do it will, so i am guessing you would like to come
(Sam&Robert): Oh yea!!!!!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!!!

Meeting places

First meeting Lions Park on Friday at 3:59 PM

Reflection: Robert has learned a lot about the coastal desert of Peru. He found out lots of things like where you should stay, what you should eat and places to eat, where are some really good places to stay and that it was really fun doing the wiki site and the Peru unit.
Raof has learned how to find trips to Peru and how to work with prices and special deals i have also learned allot about the Montana Jungle also i really enjoyed the wiki cause it taught me how to add youtube videos and other special stuff like polls and editing.

Project Evaluation

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?
Robert: I am proud of our our accomplishments I am proud of our video and its better than using paper.
Raof: It is way more fun than just researching with a book and it was a first time experience.
Sam: I like that you use the wiki and you don't have to write on paper.

2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?
Raof: I learned allot on how to edit and add pages to a wiki site.
Robert: I learned lots of stuff about Peru and all its cultures.
Sam: i learned how to use the wiki all the things about Peru

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?
Raof: I would make the page more eye catching. All so it was hard to get bonus air miles.
Sam: The hardest art for me was thinking up the script and the research. Next time i would have made our video a little better.
Robert: I would have spend more time on the video.The most difficult part was the research.

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?
Sam: Give us more examples on what the video should look like.
Robert: I think you should have given more examples for the wiki.
Raof: I think we should have had a little bit more class time.

5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?
Robert: The socials project is really fun unlike art for me cause i am not good at it and i hate the part of using paper.
Raof: It is really a good experience working with the computer/laptop.
Sam: I think the socials studies project is way more fun then like others cause it hurts your hand to write allot and its cool.

6. Final comments?
Raof,Robert,Sam: We think it was really fun and it was very cool that we could pick our own groups and we can really work