Sap Travel, We Have have you NEED!


Wait a minute, we show the agency fo yo,
We got the best in yo town,
We got the best fo show,
*Goes slower*
Da Jungle (clap clap)
Da Desert (clap clap)
Da Mountains (clap clap Oh snap)
*Back to regular speed*
Wait a minute, Call now,
Well give you a piece,
That is totally cheap. Wow.


Our wiki page is going well so fa. We are very organized with our time like when we are going to start filming. Every body thinks in our group that our project is going very well and smooth. We are doing good sofar since we have a lot of airmiles and we are close to an A. The people in our group are alexandra, Triza, Joela, Ananstasia.
I think ( Triza ) that our project is well. And it is creative in many differnt kinds of ways. and That my group is very cooperative and that our project will do great. I think (Alexandra) we are all doing are jobs and doing what we need something to work on is we seen to have a lot of spaces on our page but that can be fix very easy.
I think (Joela). I think our project is going really smooth. We are organizing our time and balancing on other group member time so we do the filming soon. I think it's really great that we did the bonus tasks I like the way everybody in my group did their parts.
i think our group is doing very well an di like the idea of the wiki site. it is very creative!!
We are still not done ore wiki but we are almost done
I hope you like it!!!!! so far we are doing very well and we answered all of the questions


For Mr.Hayes Questions:

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?
2. Tell me about your Social Studies Simulation experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?
3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?
4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?
5. How would you compare this socials project to others that you have done?
6. Final comments?

1. We like about our page is how we layed it out and how the times we spent on it. we also like that we can be creative with it,
and we like our sript very much.we also like our jingle. The reason why we put lots of colour is because our logo has a lot
of colour, with all of the different countries in South America.
2. We learned a lot more about Peru and South America in general. We also liked the fact that this unit wasn't all about
worksheets,and done on paper. We liked that we could use the wiki and get creative with it. We used a lot of our imagation on writing the script. We learned alot of stuff about how Peru is and what are the three regions. We learned how much things were, and in case of we went to Peru when we are older, we could know what kind of religion they have there, the type of food, etc.
3. Some challenges were when we were filming our infomercial , next time we would start early instead of the last 2 days. We should have planned it a bit earlier.
4.To make a bit more tasks so there is a better chance of us getting more air miles.
5.its way more different than the other projects we have done in the past, because we got a chance to use the wiki site. and so it is
very different than all of the other ones.
6.We are very happy that we got a chance to work on the wiki. And we are excoted to see and present our final project to the class and the world.


Group members are: Anastasia,Triza,Joela, and Alexandra

Daily Work Log

March 27. 2008
Today we worked on our script together. and we all worked as one group. We shared very good idea's and worked very cooperatively. Joela and alexandra are editing the script and editing,meanwhile Triza and Anastasia are working on the SAP Travel page. Editing and doing the work log. So far our group is doing very well together, and we will countine to work on our script.

March 13.2008
Today Triza, and Joela, and Anastasia wrote on the Task Criteria, and helped other groups to make their Wikispace better. Joela and Anastasia worked on PerU Travel agency, and helped them put their daily work log together. And Joela helped them with their table of Continents for people to see to know what they have. And Triza helped Peru and You travel agency with their table of continents for people to see too. And alexandra wasn't here today that's why she didn't get to help any agency.

March 12.2008
Today Anastasia,Triza,Joela,and Alexandra worked on some last minute researching
for the 3 regions and the flight names, which Alexandra did. Joela is doing a great job with the
research so far as well as the rest of the group members. So far are group is doing very well as far as the research and communication. We are all very excited to do the infomercial and for all the new challenges ahead.

March 11.2008

Today Joela,Triza, Alexandra, Anastasia worked on the Peru Travel Agency Trip planner. Joela,Anastasia and Triza worked on the Regions while Alexandra worked on the flight names and what time, how much the flights are. The group next time, or in a couple of days needs to scan the logo onto the the SAP Travel Profile. The group is doing well in their researching, and finding a lot of things to write about. We know how many days we are going to stay in each region, how Alexandra is working on that. So far, our group is doing very well.


Scene: one

Anastasia: What a nice day this is!!!
Triza: I know, its a nice day.
*Alexandra gets a bucket of water, and sprinkles some water on Triza and Anastasia*
Triza and Anastasia: I hope we can get a away from the rain, somewhere where it's sunny. That would be really nice.
*Alexandra throws a bucket full of water on Anastasia, and Triza*
*Joela and Alexandra pop in with black suit, and glasses and says:*
" Need a vacation, well, SAP travel is here to help"
*Anastasia and Triza has Kool aids in their hands, and says*
" Oh Yeaaaaahh..."

Scene: two

Alexandra: We are going to show how to have a wonder ful time in the sun. We are here to offer you a trip to peru to vist the three regions
Joela: The coastal deserst, montana jungle and the seirra mountains. There we will be other people coming in from our agency to tell more about this exciting and wonderful trip were offering you.
Alexandra: The first region your going to vist is the coastal desert.
Joela:You will take a flight to peru at cheap cost of only 1039$
Jorenz "brother" will act a suprise face zooming in and out
Joela: The flight will leave at 7:30 am and arrives at Lima at 11:59pm
Joela: then from there you will stay at a double bed room at the hotel costa del sol ramda airport which has great service with only the cost of 190$
Alexandra:And even better that hotel is at the airpot you are arriving to so we can promise you a good night rest
Anastasia and Triza says: Sounds good so far. Can our dad come too
Agency: ummmmm let's see does he like the sun
Triza and Anstasia: we dont know?
*Triza gets a random phone and calls her dad.*
Triza: would you like to come to Peru with us,and visit all of the three regions??? you can come
with us? oh ya before you go do you like the sun?
Joela is "the dad" UHHHHHHH i dont know
Joela "the dad" goes to a cold place and then a sunny place then thinks
Joela: k I just discovered that i like the sun so for sure ill go duh.
Alexandra: The first region your going to vist is the coastal desert. Where you can see the wonderful sites such as the old fire temple where you also find a lot of history.
Joela: The first day in the coastal you are going to go windsurfing. And if you don't know what windsurfing is. It is when you are in a surf board and you are being pulled by a boat and you can dod tricks in the air.
Alexandra: your going to leave the hotel at 10:30 am to go windsurfing
Alexandra: and guess what you get a wake up call!!!!!!!!! so you don't have worrry being late
Joela: Then your going to take a car to the breezy bays of paracas in coastal line
Joela: and that's where your going to enjoy the wind and go windsurfing
Alexandra: Here's a girl that went there to go windsurfing in the bays of paracas . Listen to the wonderful time she had.
Triza " hippie": It was such a calming and relaxing day, ya know. When i was windsurfing, ya know, it felt the the world was in the peacefull place. It felt like i was in a world, with flowers in it. Even thought i was in the water. Ya know.
Alexandra: And here's a guy the also went windsurfing. And he also has a video about his expeirence.
Joela: Yea i was so awesome bro. It was really cool oh and this the video of me .(shows video) i am so pro at this. Then falls. Then gets out of that water and says that was soooo AWESOME.
Joela:hahhaahhaa That was soo awesome
Alexandra: so you can see you will have a wonderful expeirence windsurfing.
Joela: After you go windsurfing You will go back to your hotel at the hotel costa del solramda air port where you will eat. some traditional peruvian dishes such as ceviche it contain seafood and it is marinated in lemon, ajl, sorlander and garlic dish and ajil coriandor and and garlic. People say it is very refreshing. Then you go to the room and get a good night sleep for the second day.
Alexandra: The second day in the coastal desert your gonna see the most treasured sites in the coastal desert because your going to go site seeing. Your going to see the wonderful canete river, the exciting tujillord puira, The nice calming casa de osambela and also the plaza de armas, plaza san martin and parque de la. Your going to travel to all those places by car. And after you see al those site you can go shopping in the jockey plaza mall. You can nuy soveineirs like keychains and much more and also clothes.
Joela: Make sure to have a good night rest after that day because for your third day in the coastal desert you are going to go bike riding. Your going to bike 131 km/la miles to pachacamac.

Scene: Three

Joela: At your final day at the costal desert you're going to take a bus to the Canete River and you're going to go canoeing. As they say the Canete River is the most popular place to go canoeing. After you go canoeing you will go bowling at the cosmic larco mar mall.
Alexandra: After you do all those activites that day you will go back to your hotel for your final day in the costal desert. And you will be at a restaurant which has dishes like chopped meat with sauce and tomatoes, onions and potatoes and also traditional Peru dish chupe de camarones. It is a very tasty and popular dish in Peru. In English that dish is called shrimp, cuppino.
Anastasia And Triza: mmmmm that sounds soo good,.
Alexandra: The nest morning on, you will travel to the Sierra mountains.
Joela: Here are two experts on the Sierra mountains and also workers in our agency that will tell you what you will do in that region.

Scene: Four

Anastasia: Hello I'm Anastasia and I'm going to tell you what you're going to do in the Seirra Mountains. Here is my good worker Triza that will tell you what the hotel your going to stay in, and also about your trip there.
Triza: When you get off the train you will arrive at Cuzco.
Anastasia: Then you will travel to your hotel with a taxi.
Triza: Your hotel is a 3 star hotel, its is called Hostel Marani. And guess WHAT. It only cost twenty five dollars per night.
*Jorenz has surpise face, zooming in and out*
Triza: The next morning you will go to the Machhu Pichuu Mountains and go to the Inca Trail. It is very sunny so be sure to pack warm clothes but also pack cold clothes cause during the night it's cold. Especially in the mountains. You will take the train to Machuu Pichuu. While your're taking a train to Machuu Pichuu you will see wonderful and beautiful sites lik the Andes Mountains and also Huascrana and the Yerupaja Mountains. They are the one of the highest mountains in Peru. And you will also take a train to the top of Machu Pichhu and then hike around and see sites, towns and valleys like...
Anastasia: The Llaqtapata or in English Terrance town. This settlement was taken over by the Pre-Linca and expanded by the Incas. It is very well planned and constructed. You will also see a valley called Runuracay. It is a small site but it is very nice.
Triza: Your second day in the Sierra Mountains you will go back to Pacchu pichuu again to see more if it because, honestly, One day isn't enough.
Anastasia: You will see more sites like Sayamarca or also named as Inaccessible town. They say the town fits its name. It is build on a narrow spur jutting and from there you can see Aobamba valley. You will also see a town called Phuyupatamarca or also called Cloud level town. This town is overlooked by flat topped peaks whose Incas platforms were built for viewing a breathtaking panorma of snow peaks.
Triza: You will also see the Town's inipata and Winay wayna. The Inpipata town is where there are most agriculture it is probably build to Supplement the food suply for Machuu pichhu. And the town winay wayna is the town where you will see the Nature of the mountain. There are many differnt plants and waterfall in that town. and You will also see a temple.
Triza: You will also see the Inca Empire and the Huinay Huayna Inca ruin.
Anastasia: You will see a lot of history there and you will learn more things about Machuu Pichhu.
Triza: Ohhhh we get to learn about History. I love History...
Anastasia: This trip sounds so good so far
Joela"The DAD": Yeah sounds cool
Anastasia: After that day you will go rafting the next morning.
Triza: You will take bus to go rafting in the Urumbanba River on the sacred valleys of incas and that is located north of Cuzco and it is 25 dollars per day.
*Jorenz face zooming in and out*
Anastasia: yes that is right only 25 Dollars per DAY. It's cheap and fun.
Triza,Anastasia, Joela"The dad" : Yea that is pretty cheap.
Triza: After you go rafting your going to enjoy the wonderful dishes in the sierra like crispy squid with tarter sauce, seafood chowder, and also shrimps with onion sauce and also much more.
Triza,Anastasia: You making so hungry with all those yummy food. We are so going to go feast after this.
Anastasia: For your lasy day in the Sierra Mountains, you will go mountain biking.
Triza: Here is a girl interviewed about her experience....
Alexandra"Girlie girl" : Yea it was like soooo fun. I think i Broke a nail or something but it was still so fun. It was very active and I think you should like try it too. I think you'll like totaly like it because i liked it. The View was sooo nicee,like Totally!
*Moment of silence*
Triza,Anastasia: Mmkay. So if she had fun, i bet you, you will too.
Joela: Also some laws there are, you cant hurt or touch animals in the mountains. And also there are only 41 sales per Day.
Triza: Finally your last destination is the Montana Jungle.

Scene: Five

Joela:You will take a train to the Montana Jungle.
Alexandra: Then you will take a bus to your hotel named Siesta Hotel, which only cost 63$
*Jorenz face zooming in and out*
Triza: The hotel room you're going to stay in has a balcony and a patio so you can see the wonderful view of the jungle. It also has a swimming pool so you can dive into the fun!.
Anastasia: When you arrive to your hotel, you will take the bus to sites like...
Joela: Cusco Cathdral in Plaza de armo, muse o inka locatedin the Cuesta Del Amirate 103 Cusco. It shows you about Inka history and Culture.
Alexandra: After the day you arrive, you will see forest and rainforest in the Montana Jungle.
Triza: At the forst you will explore the wunderful insects, animals and birds.
Anastasia: In the rain forest you see differnt kinds of resh water and you will also get the experience of seeing and swimming with dolphins.
Joela"Dad": Dolphins....I Like dolpins.
Triza and Anastasia.......Okay then...anyways*looks weirdly at Joela,Joela Looking clueless,saying what,what*
Alexandra: You will also eat traditonal Brazil cooking like red tan fish, cat fish. There is a lot of differnt kinds of fruits with very very sweet taste!
Anastasia: They use everything the gather from the forest and barely waste any food.
Triza: For your second day in the Montana Jungle, you will visit historical Indian villages to learn about their native belifs and culture.
Alexandra:They are very religious so be careful of what u say about their beliefs.
Joela: The Climate in the montana jungle is very hot. Espeically in the southern jungle. The climate drops at about 8-12 Celuis.But sometimes it rains so bring something to keep you warm!
Anastasia: Some laws there are no littering,no smoking and no Polluting. Also your are not allowed to talk back to any people that are included with the goverment...
Alexandra: After seeing the rainforests, and forests in the Montana Jungle.
Triza: You're going to explore, Lake,Rivers while hiking.
Triza: That is what you're going to do for your third day in the Montana jungle,hiking.
Alexandra: While hiking you can explore the beautiful nature of Montana jungle and also see the river and lakes and waterfalls. For sure youre going to feel relaxing and clam.
Joela: You're going to hike in black water lake.
Alexandra: Our Agency interviwed people and most of them said it was good...
Alexandra: it was Good
Triza: it was Good
Joela: It was good
Anastasia: it was Awesome!!!
Alexandra: See we told you most of them said it was good
Anastasia: For you, the last day in the Montana Jungle you're going on the boat ride to narrow waters.
Anastasia: Your going to take a boat ride while relaxing, and breathing the fresh air of the jungle and feeling the refreshing air and looking at the beauties of the forest,jungle, and rainforest.
Alexandra: it's so relaxing that when the boat ride ends, you wudnt want it to end. It can take the stress away from you.
Triza: Then after the boat ride, you will tavel back to the airline you come from with a train to catch you 1:40 am fight.
Joela: And yes, the airport is your last destination in Peru.
Anastasia,Triza, Joela " Dad" : WOW that trip sounds fun! We'll TAKE it!
*Thumbs up*
*The sap Travel Jingle comes up. Cast gets a cup with a drink*
Everyone" CHEERS! Here we come, PERU!"

----- Exits--- ( Then end of the video, is bloopers and the people participating )