Final Copy:

Marissa walks in talking, shes wearing a uniform. (Flamingo travel logo is behind her)

Marissa: Are you just sitting at home, bored out of your mind? Waiting for any bit of excitement in your life?
Well, I have a solution for you! Fly with Flamingo Travel to Land of the Incas, Peru!

Miriam walks out in uniform.

Miriam: So first you fly on American Airlines at the Vancouver Airport. The departure time is 8:45 (looks at watch) You better hurry!

Marissa: It's a little cost of $502 for the flight!!

Izzy walks into screen.

Izzy: I'm totally up for that, lets go to BEAUTIFUL PERU!

Scene shows Miriam, Izzy, and Marissa with luggage going onto plane.

Miriam: This is so exciting!

Marissa: I know! I hear Peru is a beautiful exotic country!

Ismael: Yeah, I'm totally siked. (Says nervously)

Marissa: You sound excited (says sarcasticly)

Izzy: I am just a tiny, just tiny bit scared of flying on planes... (puts thumb and forefinger together indicating small)

Scene shows the plane taking off, and you hear Izzy scream (the girlish scream).

Sign on screen says: 6 hours later!

Scene shows a plane crossing a map, landing in Peru.

Izzy is the first one out of the plane, he jumps on screen falling flat on his stomach.

Izzy: Finally we landed!! Yess! (he kisses the ground, and sighs of relief)

Marissa and Miriam walk out and look at each other funny.

M+M: Okay then....

Izzy gets up shakily.

Izzy: Whatcha lookin at??!!

M+M: Nothin..

M+M turn around quickly giggling.

Everyone walks out of scene.

Marissa, Miriam, and Izzy walk onto screen.

Marissa: So we are your travel guides! I am Elita.

Miriam: We will be guiding you through a trip! I am Isabella.

Izzy: Yeah, and I'm just Manuel.

Marissa: We are first going to start off with some laws in Peru.

Miriam: It is illegal to do the following:
- take any pre-coloumbian art out of Peru. (shows art)
- take endangered animals out of Peru. (shows us smuggling a baby animal, then it attacks us)
- bring or take any illegal drugs out of Peru. (shows us holding drugs)
- trade pre-columbian pottery or jewelry. (shows pottery or jewels)
- rob Peruvian citizens and tourists. (shows Izzy taking M+M's purses)
- trample delicate endangered plants. (shows us stomping on flowers)
(we each say 2)

Izzy: Otherwise, you will get your butt kicked by the police!

Scene shows Marissa Miriam running away from Izzy who is a police officer with a baton. The rackety sax song is playing sped up.

Miriam: Also another piece of advice.


Scene of Mariss and Miriam walking along, Izzy bumps into us grabbing our wallets. Close up of him holding them grinning and laughing: muhahahaha!

Izzy: One more tip to remember!

Miriam: The water there isn't safe so DO NOT drink it.

Marissa: Bring bottled water, like us!

Scene shows us all with water bottles, and drinking them.

All: Now for the tour you can book!

Coastal Desert

Food: $28
Activities: $89
Transportation: $230
Hotels: $180

Day 1
Marissa: You will arrive in Lima at 2:45pm in Lima International Airport.You will be driven by a hotel cab to the Best Western Embajadores and unpack your bags. Once you are settled in, you have the option to relax at your hotel, or go around and explore the city. The hotels features include an outdoor swimming pool on the roof, tennis court, excercise facility, game room, a lounge, and a complimentary continental breakfast in the morning. All rooms have satelite TV and internet access.

Miriam: For a cool experience, you can pay 70c to ride around the city on a mototaxi!

Marissa: So once you burned a few hours, you will be riding on a mototaxi to the Canta Rana Restaurant. It's a nice seafood restaurant, with an average price of $5.00 per dish! Don't worry if you don't like seafood, there is other things! But you are in a different country, so maybe try something new!

Scene shows everyone eating food at table.

Miriam: Eww! Is this fish??

Marissa: It's called Ceviche. It's fish marinated in lemon, corlander, and garlic.

Izzy: ..and served with onions, sweet potatoes, and corn! MmmmmMMMMmmm! (takes a bite)

Miriam: Ew!

Marissa: After finishing your meal, you will take a bus to Pachacamac, ancient religion centre ruins. They were made 1000 years before the Inca empire, and look beautiful at dusk.

Scene shows us looking at it taking pictures.

Day 2
Marissa: The next day you will wake up in the morning, eat your complimentary breakfast, and can walk down to the Presidential palace. Every morning the guards march outside the gates, and it's a very beautiful building!

Once in a while, there are parades where woman dress in traditional costumes and dance. It's a big part of the Peruvian culture, and Pan Flutes are played while they dance.

Scene shows us dancing while the Pan flutes are playing.

You might see a lady carrying a baby on her back, with a blanket. This is a traditional way for Peruvians, instead of a stroller (as seen in North America).

Scene shows Izzy dressed as woman, holding a baby on his back with a blanket.

Miriam: You can go to the Bocatta Cafe for lunch. Try some Inca Kola! It's a popular, fizzy soda that is sweet and refreshing! Did you know that it was the only national drink to beat Coca Cola in sales?!

Marissa: Next you will be going to the Rafael Larco Herrera Museum. It's the number one attraction in Lima, and some people have called it the best Mueseum in south America! They have a very impressive collection on ancient ceramics, exhibits of mummies, a gold room, and textiles made from feathers!

Miriam: Try the Haiti Restaurant for dinner!

Day 3
Marissa: Wake up, and prepare yourself for fun! Next you will go to the Plaza Mayor where it's a great place if you enjoy architecture! There are many beautful wooden balconies, and cathedrals, and there is a fountain in the center that dates back to 1650!

You will next go to the national Museum! This is the biggest museum in Lima, and has many model of temples, ruins, and sites, and artifacts that tell the history of ancient civilizations!

Izzy: Have a quick lunch, to get back to your activites, and head back out!

Marissa: You will travel by taxi to get to Cerro Azul beach. A pretty place to hit the waves, suntan, or fish.

Scene shows Miriam, and Marissa suntanning (with metallic boards), and Izzy surfing. The camera pans down to Izzy's feet and hes pretending. (Surfin Safari is playing)

Izzy: Ehehe...

Marissa: You can walk around the markets near the water and shop.

Go back to Lima, and enjoy a creamy dinner. Aji de gallina, a combination of chicken, walnuts, and parmesan.

Day 4
Your last day in Lima! You will be driving in mototaxi to Cabalgatas Horseback Riding, where you will ride and see sandy beaches, ruins, and the peruvian countryside!

Eat lunch, at a small town cafe, and next you will be going to Puente de los Suspiros, a lovely bridge, by a park. It was built in the 1800's and remains a landmark for families to enjoy it's beauty. You can relax, read, shop, or explore the rest of your day in Lima.

You will be flown to Iquitos next, for your next adventure.


Food: $27
Activities: $86
Transportation: $39
Hotels: $180
Total: $332

Miriam (Travel Guide): Your next city is beautiful Iquitos! Here there are plenty of activities. Kayaking down the amazon, watching wild life, visiting museums, natural history walks, visiting native communities, fishing, canoing, hiking exloring rafting or just relaxing. The average temperature here is very hot, and in the southern jungle the climate drops down to about 8-12 degrees celcius May. Bring warm clothes!

In the Jungle, we recommend you have the following vaccinations before you leave. Cholera, Hepatitus A, Tetanus, Diptheria,Typoid, and Yellow Fever. Malaria is also very common to get, so ask your doctor about tablets.

Day 5
You will be arriving here on plane, and landing in the Francisco Secada airport. You will be driven to Victoria Regia Hotel, from a hotel pick up service. The hotel includes a swimming pool, bar, and restaurant (where you get a free breakfast and cocktail!). The rooms have air conditioning, king size beds, cable TV, and Internet access. Unpack, and settle in. You have the option to stay at the hotel, or go out (WHICH IS WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR!).

If your ever hungry try these top 10 restraunts:
The Huasai, The lounge, Shak Sizqui, Gran Malacg, Los Cangrejos, El Zorrito, Aris Burgers, Al Carbon, Cyper Pizza Cafe.
Marissa: Don't they all just sound delicious!

Miriam: Next you should visit Bellavista, a sandy beach located near your hotel. You can walk, or take a mototaxi. There are food stands, and a market place near there to buy food or souveniers. Moto taxii's only cost 70 cents for a trip around the city.

When you are finished exploring, you will have dinner at Gran Maloca Restaurant, where the average meal is $7.00. Why not try a camu drink. They have 100% pure Amazon fruit in them!

Scene shows Miriam, Marissa Izzy all clinking our glasses and saying: CHEERS! (we drink)

Marissa: Next (if you aren't too tired), visit the Iron house! It's a house made of well, Iron! It was built by Gustave Eiffel, builder of the Eiffel Tower! It was made in Paris, but shipped to Peru in the 1800's!

Izzy: Once you have finished, you need to work up some energy, because you have a big day ahead of you!

Day 6

You will wake up in your hotel and get the free complimentary breakfast! You will be traveling by bus to the Amazon jungle, because it's so close! You will be going on a wildife tour, with a tour guide and go for a hike. You will see many animals in the beautiful jungle! After awhile, you will stop to eat lunch! Bring something to eat, maybe a jaune! They are wraps filled with rice, veggies, pork and chicken. You will continue with the tour, and go back to town at about dinner time.

You will be dining at the Montecarlo restaurant downtown Iquitos, which serves a variety of food at an average price of $7.00.

The hotel will be your last stop for the day, where you will sleep for the night.

Day 7
Another complimentary breakfast will be served at the hotel, then your off for another adventure! Go rafting or kayaking down the worlds greatest river, the Amazon River! A taxi will take you there. Rafting and kayaking are totally free, except for rentals which are about $15. Remember to bring a lunch, and yuo can go to the El Zorrito for dinner.

Scene Shows, all kayaking down river.

Izzy: After that amazing expierience a taxi will take you back to your hotel.

Day 8
You get a free breakfast, and will check out. For the next 2 days you will be rain forest camping!
A bus will take you to your camp site, where you will set up a rented tent. You can go watch wildlife, take pictures, go fishing, cook and eat the fish that you catch!. The Quitoscocha Zoo would be a nice place to go to next, and you will ride a taxi there. After, go to a local restaurant and eat. You will now head back to your campsite.

Day 9

Finally the last day in Iquitos! You will be taking an Amazon River cruise! $20 for adults, $15 for children, and below the age of 6, it's FREE! Take lots of pictures, because this is a once in a life time experience! The cruise includes lunch, and dinner. You will head back to your campsite for the last night in Iquitos. You will soon fall asleep into the Dream of the Amazon..

Sierra Mountains:

Trail Trip included food, water, sheltering, tour guides, porters, - $335
Hotel Costs - $25
Transportation: Buses - $20 Planes - $208
Total - $588

Day 10
Ismael: You now are headed for the mountains with a full tour only costing you $335! For the first day, you will board a plane to take you to the Inca Trail in Cusco. From there you will hike for 2 hours before lunch, and then 2 hours more to reach the campsite. You will see Llactapata ruins and camp for the night at Wayllabamba with an amazing view of Veronica snow-capped mountain.

Day 11
The next day you will travel to Pacaymayo. After 4 hours of hiking, you will reach the Warmiwanuska pass, the highest point of the trail. After rest there, you will go to the Pacaymayo campsite where you will eat lunch and rest. After this, you may choose a different activity such as mountain biking, resting , birdwatching, or taking some photos!

But remember not to wear the wrong thing for the hike
scene shows Marissa, and Miriam in high heels, skirts, and tanktops, climbing on a mountain.

Miriam: Oooh! I broke my nail!!

Marissa: Uh! Whatever! Lets finish our photoshoot!

Miriam: Ook!!

Marissa: CAMERA MAN!!!

Izzy steps out with a camera (lokking sulky) and snaps some shots.
He is just about to walk away when we make a ridiculous pose.


M+M: The M+M!! *giggles*

M+M both falls and scene shows off falling off cliff screaming.

Sign flashes onscreen: Be careful when climbing near steep edges. This might happen.

Picture of Marissa and Miriam dead on the ground tangled up.

Day 12

You will now travel to Winay Wayna. This dayis the nicest one, the hike starts with a climb to the Runkurakay pass, from there the view of the mountains and the cloud forest is amazing. After the pass, the path is mainly downhill and the scenery changes a lot. Along the path are 3 main Inca sites. Sayamarca, Phuyupatamarca, and Winay Wayna. You will camp in Winay Wayna campsite.

Day 13
For the last day you now go to Machu Picchu. You will wake up early at about 4:30am to reach Inti Punku (Sun's Gate) before 6:30 to watch the first sun beams over Machu Picchu. Once in there you will ahve a guided-tour for 2 hours, and after you have free time to explore by yourself. At 4:00pm you will take a train back to Cusco.

You will then stay at Calicanto Inn for $25 a night. It includes food, internet access, telephones, television, and much more!

Miriam: You need to eat so pick any cool restaurant you would like to try!

Izzy: Maybe try hot peppers like yellow aji pepper, red aji pepper, red rocoto pepper and many others. Most of these dishes were made 500 years ago.

Scene shows sign that says: TRY EXOTIC FOODS!

Izzy is sitting down at the table with a guinea pig on his plate. He takes a bite.

Izzy: MMMmmmmMMMmmmm! Tastes like chicken! (gives thumbs up)

Miriam walks up (being waitress): Here is your water you ordered sir! (she trips and dumps it all over Izzy)
Woopsy Daisy!!

Ismael: Well, we have a little bit of time now, since I finished eating, and DRYING OFF! So lets go shopping at San Blas! (says in girlish voice).


Scene ends with us all skipping happily along with purses, and shopping bags full of stuff! (we skip into a sunset)

Day 14

Marissa: You will be driven by bus to Cusco Airport to fly back home!!


Our jingle plays, and fades out.

(have bloopers at the end of credits)

Marissa: Lets have a slowmo play back of Izzy getting splashed with water!!

Video plays, but in slomo!