Peru Travel Agency Simulation Tasks Criteria

1. Name/Logo (10)

- name connects to Peru or S. America
- logo is colourful (pencil crayon)
- logo represents a travel agency
- slogan connects to Peru and travel
- done on letter sized paper

2. Trip Planners (20)

- complete notes in graphic organizers provided
- provide details about cost, location, activities, food, climate, and other
- clearly organized and obvious that the information can be used for a presentation
- all 4 planners handed in together
- each member of your Agency completes one planner

3. Script (20)

- written on your wiki page
- each member contributes to the script (as seen in the history)
- organized into an infomercial where the Agency advertises a specific trip based on their research
- each member has an equal role
- written script is organized and easy to follow (broken into sections, Day 1, 2, etc, parts)
- incorporates all 3 Regions of Peru and includes: culture, interesting sites, unique activities

4. Daily Work Log

- includes what all members of the group accomplished during each day spent working on the Travel Agency Simulation
- describes what the Agency needs to do next from a planning point of view (specific jobs for members)
- states how the group is doing, are you happy with your progress?

5. Infomercial (50)

- approx. 5 min. long and in the form of either: 1) Video or 2) Skit
- incorporates: research from planners, covers 3 Regions, Peru's climate, transportation, food, unique culture
- uses visuals to 'sell' trip
- based on real costs associated with trip
- all members equally involved and uses costumes and props
- presentation skills used
-Script practiced very well

6. Travel Agency Wiki Page

- page includes: logo, slogan, Agency name
- well organized with table of contents set up in order, subtitles, and colour
- daily work log entries (March 10 to April 10) written in paragraph form and organized
- includes pictures and video (if Infomercial was filmed)
- contains links to either other web pages or other wiki pages
- demonstrates a clear, strong understanding of how to use a wiki

Bonus Tasks:

1. Pamphlet (10)
- use letter sized paper, folded into three clear sections front and back
- includes many images and descriptions about all 3 Regions
- describes food, culture, and important places to visit

2. Company Jingle (10)
- lasts for 10 - 20 seconds
- uses sound effects
- connects to the Agency name, purpose of the Agency, and the Peruvian culture
- is performed in front of the class
- is memorable

3. Map of Peru Outlines Trip (20)
- drawn on legal sized paper
- includes all map elements (legend, compass rose, title, colour)
- clearly shows the complete trip and the various points of interest
- shows regions

4. FAQ - frequently Asked Questions (20)
- minimum 15 Questions and the detailed answers
- the questions must be based on what to expect in Peru - NOT about Travel Agency
- question ideas may be: climate, activities, sites, rules, customs ... etc

5. Climate Graph for City in Peru (10)
- use letter sized paper, colour, carefully draw lines for all graphs
- show average precipitation and temperatures for a major Peruvian City - label which Region it is in

6. Business Cards (10)
- Colourful
- Playing card size
- includes: agency name, names of members, address, phone #, logo, & slogan